Games We Want Made

Some ideas are destined to be made into amazing games, and we want them made now!

Lego Hobbit & Hobbit Adventure Game

Never before has there been a more perfect storm for a Lego Hobbit game.  Warner Brothers has the rights to publish Lord of the Rings Games, and they own Traveller’s Tales Games.  The movies are coming soon, the Lord of the Rings Lego toys are coming soon, and Lego games are extremely popular.  They could easily release Lego Hobbit part 1, Lego Hobbit part 2, then segue seamlessly into Lego Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring, Two Towers, and Return of the King.  The humor from Lego games and the Tolkien property are just begging to unite.

We also want a Hobbit adventure game.  Any decent movie tie-in with a vibrant world to explore the path of The Hobbit will do.  Ideally it would be more about adventure and less about hack and slash action.



The Legend of Korra

A game is  inevitable if this recently premiered cartoon does well — and it will.  We’d love to see a very open game where the player can explore Republic City, fight the different gangs, and compete in pro-bending matches.  In the first two episodes alone we’ve seen a dozen ideas that would translate well into the game.  A big one is metal bending rails that players could use to get around the city quickly.  The anti-bender revolt and turmoil in Republic City make for a great storyline.


Burn Notice

If ever there was a show designed to be made into a game, it’s Burn Notice.  The entire show feels like you’re watching a Grand Theft Auto type game in progress.  The main characters have a basic storyline they’re following but side quests, activities, and additional missions keep popping up all over the place.  When we watch an episode we shout “SIDE QUEST!” when some poor shop owner needs help fending off thugs or a friend of Sam’s past needs a favor.  Safe houses, cars, Miami, never-ending gangs, enemies from every walk of life, and spy-stuff galore… it screams sandbox.  Michael Weston, a character of unending talent and knowledge, could make an awesome main character.  Side-kicks like Fiona and Sam bring their own rich stories, talents, and excuses to blow stuff up.

We tried making our characters in Saint’s Row 3 be Michael and Sam…  We pretended we were them, pretended the missions we were on were from Burn Notice, and did our own voice-overs, but it wasn’t the same.

What movies, tv shows, or ideas out there do you want made into games?

  • Lego X-Men would nice. Play thru the story line and unlock sections of the Mansion and purchase all the X-Men characters from the past.. and perhaps even some classic X-Men levels.

  • @Proximo: We’re going to talk about that more in the next few weeks. We went back to the drawing board and may end up going in another direction. I’m excited about what we have in the works. Stay tuned!

  • Haha, awesome – you included Burn Notice! I am still waiting for Jeffrey Donovan being asked to play the next James Bond, but a game would do too. as long as they include that insufferable colgate smile of his! 😉

    I would still like to see a proper steampunk MMO made someday or dystopia theme. the flair of Mad Max set in an open world, desert pirates etc…imo there is much potential there and it would be a refreshing change from classic medieval/fantasy settings.

  • I totally want a LEGO LOTR game. I just think that the main stumbling block will be getting the Tolkein trustees to license something that will make light of the story. Fans would love it I think. Certainly I haven’t heard anybody complaining that LEGO Star Wars or Harry Potter did not take the source material seriously. But this is LOTR. Srs Bsns.

    Burn Notice… now why didn’t I think of that. That has potential for a video game. And I am pretty sure they could at least get Bruce Campbell to do the voice of Sam.

  • an MMO that actually delivers.

    I quit watching burn notice because after 3 seasons the ex-CIA guy trained to kill hadn’t actually killed anyone. It just got too cheesy after awhile

  • A good game based on Game of Thrones, preferably a sandbox MMORPG.

    And of course, Ultima Online 2 made by Lord British and keeping the best elements of the first one while using a modern 3D engine.

    A good MMORPG based on the crusades (like the movie “Kingdom of Heaven” by Ridley Scott), but that will never happen, it would hurt too many religious zealots of both sides.

  • Oh, I just saw the message about “Steampunk MMORPG”, and it reminded me something I thought about a while ago:

    A “Jules Verne” MMORPG would be amazing, based on the “real” world during the 19st century but with adventures like you have in the books. Players should be able to own steampunk submarines, boats, airships, etc…

  • How about a pokemon MMORPG? And I don’t mean the text-based crap that exists now.

    Great read by the way!

  • So, the 2 things I want to see, nukethesitefromorbit and Werit already said. Rifts would be really a cool game. Mega Damage psychic Capibaras! Woot.

    Babylon 5 would be a cool adventure, though.

  • I cant imagine any movie I want to be made into a game. Maybe its because they all suck, well the new Batman game was pretty good.

    A Half Life movie would be cool! But thats kinda now what you asked…

    Sandbox MMO with lots of content. I dont care about the IP

  • My girlfriend and I would love to see a Naruto game that isn’t just a fighting game. Single player rpg or even a mmorpg. You could choose which village you want to start in and work your way up the ranks. Every episode is basically them going on a quest. It would translate so easy, and you would have more than two factions with the different villages. I feel it has lots of potential to be a great rpg and it’s a shame the only Naruto games are just your typical fighting games.

  • As far as IP’s go. The old single player RP game Arcanium would make an excellent choice. Its a real steampunk game. What I liked about this game was the conflict between magic and tech and how that pervaded everything from the storyline to character development. It was very well thought out and conceived. Probably one of the best RP games ever made.

    I could see a lot of potential in a Minecraft/Stronghold/Dungeon Keeper hybrid. Where you and your mates build both your fortress, city and town together AS WELL as design the enemy dungeons in your area. Every $ you spend on your town mightvwarn you currency to build your dungeon. Thus shifting the focus on building something rather than destroying. More people working on your area, more land mass to use, more points to spend, faster levelling of your area and your character. Yeah tie your character’s level to what you have built, not what you have killed. Then adventure in other people’s dungeons for items or item currency. PVP could involve fighting in a RVR type area then taking and rebuilding the fortresses there with the points your town has earned. I envision the world being a shattered world like in the film Dragon Hunters and the player starts out with a small shard.

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