DOTA 2 Stream

If you’re interested in watching me play some DOTA 2, check out our streaming page or  our Twitch.tv page.

Once I’m done streaming, I’ll add the recorded video to this entry.  Feel free to ask question.  I’m mic’d up.

Update: Two hour session is over.  Need to take a break to work on some homework, but we’ll be back this afternoon.  Video of the stream is processing.  When it’s up, I’ll post it here. We had a really great game!  It was Graev’s first game … and there’s a funny story behind it.  His keyboard broke so he used his iPad to connect to his PC and a Bluetooth keyboard to connect to his iPad.  Then he sat on the couch and played DOTA on the 52” tv.

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Howdy Doody - December 1, 2011

Bahhhh… i missed it. I’ll try and check it out later.

Thomas - December 1, 2011

I don’t like to play those real times type games because I am not very good at them. So it was really fun watching others play as poorly as I play. Thanks for the fun.

Keen - December 1, 2011

Video is up. High tension game. Graev’s first game but he rocked.

Jim - December 2, 2011

loved DoW online…how does this compare?

Keen - December 2, 2011

DoW = Dawn of war?

Romble - December 2, 2011

keen i hope he is not referring to this one.. watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDfPe8haloA&feature=g-all

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