Newest Reckoning Trailer, Well Done

I was watching my twitter feed a few minutes ago and the Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning team (@ReckoningGame) (or whoever tweets for them) linked their followers to a video that was posted only minutes ago.  Normally I don’t just link to these promotional videos without a reason and I see no reason to stray from tradition.  As I watched this video, I was immediately impressed by… well, okay I was impressed by Claudia Black voicing another one of these trailers, but I was really impressed by the style of video.

Their marketing team (or again, whoever is responsible) has really nailed the type of preview an upcoming game like this should provide.  (1) All in-game footage, (2) Highlights what you’ll do while playing, (3) Detailed explanations of features/mechanics, and (4) A quick story explanation.

Their video is succinct, interesting, informative, and exactly how I wish all video game marketing/hype would be done.  Kudos to whomever.

  • this is pretty sweet 🙂 cant wait for this game !

    agree that is the way to make trailers and not superawesome cgi and mediocre gameplay

    (cough swtor)

    nice info keen cheers!

  • I feel you nailed it with what a good trailer should include. I couldn’t agree more to the 4 points listed.
    Maintaining a critical tone, perhaps the only thing I could fault the video for is failing to achieve a sense of atmosphere, ambiance. Granted, that’s hard to do when the approach is through the accomplishment of the 4 you listed, but it’s another path. Technique, I do suppose.

  • I agree. I always thought trailers should be game play and not some never to be seen again battle footage. Even a staged in game battle scene is better then some choreographed, Hollywood cinematic.

    The part I liked most pertained to how you complete the quest. Did I have to kill someone to complete the quest or did I just steal the item when they were not around. Maybe I talked the NPC out of the item or I paid for it. Having various options on how to complete a quest would really add to the game, if in fact the game allows it.

    Another game with a story to tell and you are part of that story. Some people may not like all the voice acting in this game or others but I like it. I like that every action has consequences. I also like the art work. It kind of looks like LOTRO if you aks me.

    Like I’ve said before. This type of information about gaming is why I visit your site. Thanks.

  • This is the basis for their MMO, so yeah, the setting is just a prelude to Kurt’s real baby coming in the next few years.

  • well ill give it a go when it comes out like i do for everything … but i will do it with a twist i will attempt to make the most useless comparator i can just for the changeling …

  • The game looks great & should be something fun to play on my 360 in the future. I am glad there are a few months separating the game from Skyrim, otherwise it would be a tough choice between the two.

  • KoA: Rek is at the very top of a long list of games I can’t wait to get a hold of. Honestly the game has the makings to me to be 2012 GOTY and is a SUPER lead in to the eventual MMO. You couldn’t ask for a better group of designers, writers, artist and team to put together the game. Time will tell, but I predict that it will tell that the game is a WINNER.


  • Looking forward to this one…

    Skyrim and KoA are going to be some nice games to waste some time with!

  • One word: EPIC!

    This game will be so much fun, as soon as I heard the word “Hybrid” I knew I was suckered into playing. Cant wait for the MMO version to come out either.

    Shilling, Salvatore & McFarlane are pure geniuses.