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The Keen and Graev Community has had a presence in most games released over the past three years.  We’re a community that plays together because of the actual people here, not because of what we can get by being a member or how it will benefit us individually.  If you’re looking for a community that plays everything from Battlefield and Call of Duty to WoW then check our our forums.  We have a two specific games to mention today.

World of Warcraft

If you’re interested in joining a WoW guild with a casual and goal-oriented atmosphere, Happy Fun Guyz on Emerald Dream is recruiting. We have members that enjoy a range of activities like PvP, dungeons, and raids.

If raiding is your thing, we’re currently fielding two 10-man raids that raid two nights a week each.

Raid 1 (Currently on 3rd boss in Blackwing Descent)
7:15pm-10:00pm CST (Server time)
Needs: RDPS

Raid 2 (Currently on 3rd boss in Bastion of Twilight)
9:45pm-12:45am CST (Server time)
Needs: Heals, RDPS

Both raids need additional members to avoid wait times when someone can not log in and we would also like to, eventually, be capable of having these raids do multiple raid dungeons a week.

Visit our forums, read our charter, and feel free to contact me with any questions.

We’re also beginning to organize for a presence in Rift.   We’ll be playing Guardian on a PvP server.

If you’re interested in playing with the Keen and Graev community then visit our Rift forum.

  • @SparhawkJC

    The community as a whole for TERA no but there are some of us that are interested in the game. We’ll see as we get closer to release.

  • I forget about the forum sometimes, time to find my password. I signed up to join your Aion guild years ago, but didn’t actually play the game after it launched.

  • I’m interested in joining you in Rift. I’ve read the charter on your forums and it looks very much like something I’d like to be involved in.

    Once I get in-game and know my character’s name, I’ll post on the forum to apply as the procedure indicates. In the meantime I’ll be monitoring your blog and forums to see what server you select.

    Going forward, I’m also quite interested in GW2 (I’ve got some dormant characters in GW).