A fun night of raiding


Happy Fun Guyz have been making some serious headway (relative to how we play) in the WoW content.  We have two 10-man raids running twice a week in Blackwing Descent and Bastion of Twilight.  Both raids are currently working towards bringing down the second bosses and both are making headway.  Tonight we just finished up doing Baradin Hold’s Argaloth, which is like Vault of Archavon, and then went on to down BWD’s first boss Magmaw quickly to give us a couple hours of attempts on Omnotron.  The Omnotron encounter is ridiculous!  There’s so much going on and it can be a bit random at times.  Once you get a cool head and recognize that it’s just every mechanic you’ve done in raiding thrown into one boss fight you’re okay.  Switching targets like musical chairs, not standing in some stuff and standing in others, add control, kiting… it’s all there.

After a few wipes we got into a rhythm and starting making huge headway.  At that point we had one of our guildies have to leave and we brought in an undergeared member (shout out to Dragnous) because it was worth wiping more to learn the fight.  Even with the undergeared player (And his first time with our group!) we got Omnotron down to seconds of being dead three times.  At that point it was just a matter of luck whether we could kill him and it would have been a definite kill with just a few more items.

It was a lot of fun watching the fight click for people.  Our interrupts were good, our communication was great, our healers (poor healers, such a tough ae damage fight) did great, and overall we ended the night on a very high note.  There’s a marked difference between wiping and ending on a “blah” note and wiping yet walking away excited because you know you’ll rock in two nights later.

We’re coming for you Omnotron.

  • Not unlike us :D.

    We killed Chimaeron around 18th of Jan. But last raid night we had him at 6% on the first try, and managed to get him up in hp every try.. I think we ended up at 96%.


  • @Joy-Energiser: (and everyone else)

    The Ingame Blizzard UI really helps on Nomnomtron. It gives you all debuffs easy to see, the Flamethrower target, who is being chased by Poison blobs, Lightning Conductor etc.

    And Keen, cut the healers some slack, wait for Chimaeron ;).

  • Omnitron is good fun. Some tricks:
    – stick a tron in the poison gas for extra damage (obviously, not when they have a shield up)
    – pull arcanotron out of the power generator puddle just enough that the melees can also stand it in and nail him (Death Grip works on him)
    – frost traps, mage circles, chains of ice, warlock snare curses, earth bind totems – all helpful for the slimes.
    – boot enchants with run speed increases (if your class doesn’t have any innate/passive ones) are almost critical for most of these raids

    That helps speed up the damage being done, increases heals (if healers are in the puddle) and makes life easier.

    Overall, the trons don’t seem to do a lot of tank damage – I was tanking two that were up on my own for awhile – it really is more of an AOE damage fight. I feel for the healers. :$

  • Smaken makes good suggestions.

    i find that as a hunter if i manage to make good use of frost traps to slow the slimes as soon as they come out (place the trap on top of toxitron BEFORE the slimes spawn)… then the fight is much, much easier to manage.

    personally i think this is one of the most complex and choreographed fights in the game currently… i thought you didn’t like these kinds of fights?… amazing how a little success can completely change your perspective eh?

  • We actually did really good on the slimes, it was just a bad case of lag that let the final slime hit one member right at the end, which then caused the pool to kill two others who where dpsing the slime, without that happening we would of cleared it 😀

    We should defiantly try moving them into the poison clouds, i know its more work for the tanks but 0% more damage has to be worth it

    Yea, the night was a good night,is nice to do stuff a little more challenging, I’ve recently read up on the bosses that come after… now they do look fun!

  • Keen , sorry to hijack this thread but you haven’t posted on Rift in a while and i value your opinion. How do the higher Level raids and dungeons on Rift compare to WOW. Are they as advanced as Wow? Or are they more spank and tank.

  • It’s safe to say they are as “advanced” as WoW. The dungeons you can play in while leveling themselves are as “advanced” or more so than WoW lowbie dungeons have been.