ToC and Onyxia Cleared

Happy Fun Guyz completed our first raids this past week.  We started with 10 man Naxxramas and downed nearly all of the bosses (skipped a few in the middle when time was slipping away from us).  We then went on to complete all of 10 man ToC and Onyxia 10.

This was my first ever trip to the ToC raid.  It’s really well done.  I often write about how raids should be against big bosses without the pain of trash mobs and time sinks.  ToC brings the bosses right to you without any busy work kills.  The bosses are all real big and have their own mechanics — no tank and spank.  I was really glad to see that Anub was brought back at the end as a boss fight worthy of his name, instead of just a 5-man dungeon that level 72’s can kill.

Onyxia was her classic self with a couple of minor changes.  Deep breath does -not- compare anywhere near what it was in her original counter because several of us were hit and didn’t come close to death.  Even the 25-man version is the same way (Watched Graev do it).  The Dragonkin adds that come with the welps are a pain, but it gives the melee a little more to do.  During our fight we actually had someone knocked into the welps mid phase 3 which was an added difficulty.

For our raid to be comprised of mostly people who started 100% fresh chars and worked their way to 80 in this short a time, with this amount of success (Anub and Ony downed first try along with several other bosses) is really great.  We plan to continue clearing ToC 10 and other raids weekly and tackling the first wing of ICC 10 within a week or two.   As always, we’re recruiting players who love to have a good time and work as a team.  You can visit our forum to introduce yourself.

  • Grats on the Anub-kill, no doubt the hardest of the ones you guys killed.
    About the “raiding should be about the bosses and not about the trash”: yes and no. They overdid the trash in SSC for example, it took ages before you even saw a boss from up close. But on the other hand, I don’t like the no-trash raids like ToC. I like “moving forward” in an instance, it gives a greater sense of progress.
    They really nailed it in ICC imo. You have to clear a minimum of trash, yet you advance through big halls and walkways, like you would expect from a citadel. And a citadel can’t just be inhabited by 12 bosses alone. It has to be filled up a bit with mobs.
    You guys are gonna love ICC, mark my words! 😀

  • I’m excited to get more involved in ToC and ICC, should be lots of fun. Hopefully my schedule clears up and I can make a few mroe raids this week. Had a blast last week in Naxx.

  • Hey Keen – Have you all decided on days/times for your 2 regularly scheduled raiding days, yet?

    I almost played Allods online with HFG. Joined the guild during the closed beta phase3, but decided to stop playing because the item shop rumors were turning me off. I’m thinking about possibly joining you guys in WoW (I’m checking the forums often). I will most likely transfer a character over but there is a slight chance I might just start fresh depending on current class needs.

  • It looks like Wednesday and Friday are our two “progression” nights. We’ll be setting up Tuesday as a raid night as well, but not for anything for progression (so the Weekly, Ony, VoA, etc). Oldschool nights will mix in there as well.