More MW2 Impressions

Spec-Ops Missions

These are special missions broken up into sections (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, etc) that require you to beat them and earn a Star Rating.  It takes X number of stars to unlock the next section of missions of play.  These missions are like challenges that throw you right into a scenario.  Some of them feel more like missions though, such as the one where you have to progress through a snowy level and use stealth and silencers to elude detection.  Some are more challenge-oriented like the Snow mobile race or the “Survive X long in the restaurant”.    While the idea of them is cool on its own, because it’s essentially more single-player content, where these Spec-Ops missions really shine are that you can play them with a friend; in fact, some require two players.  Playing with a friend is fantastic!  On the snowy stealth mission I mentioned we had to coordinate our efforts and move silent together.  “You get the one on the right and I’ll shoot the dog… on 3.. 1, 2, 3!  *tink* *tink*  — it got the adrenaline going.


I’m now level 27 (I think?  Maybe 26) and I’m still having just as much fun as I did the first round I played.  I can’t tell if I’m getting better or worse though.  Funny thing about these FPS games is that I have my good rounds and my horrible rounds.  Sometimes I come out on top by a huge margin and somethings I’m at the bottom of the pack, unable to find my rhythm.  I’m still in that phase of deciding what I want my kits to be like.  I’m trying to complete the challenges in order to get the big experience bonuses; you know, the “Get x headshots with a SMG” or “Run 10 miles with the marathon perk” type stuff.

Finding my prfered game type, Hardcore S&D Ricochet really made me happy.  I was worried that my ‘Hardcore Tactical Real’ (the server I played CoD4 on for 2 years) days were over.  This mode increases bullet damage to what I consider “realistic” and removes most of the HUD.  It also reflects damage you deal to your team mates back on you so if you kill a teammate you’re dead too.  I highly recommend this game mode for anyone who feels that the normal Death Match style is too fraggy or fast. This will definitely slow things down, but it’s not exactly for beginners either because your play time will go down with no respawns until the round ends enabled.

Yesterday there were 1,043,000+ people playing the Multiplayer of MW2 on Xbox Live.  That’s insane! Graev is ripping it up pwning people left and right.  He’s what I would consider one of those annoying good people that you leave games to get away from.   He gets 11-15 kill streaks every game and calls in harriers and helicopters and all sorts of goodies.  Yes, I’m jealous.   Speaking of which, these kill streak rewards are goofy sometimes.   They’re just a tad too powerful when …. (Heh, while writing this Graev just called in missiles and then a harrier and annihilated the entire enemy team screaming “I gotchuuu freakin’ muppets!”.  He just went 25-5.) … I needn’t say more.

  • i got the game wensday cant put it down for the life of me i got it for PC an could not be more happier i 3rd person i found to be kind of fun im gonna try that hardcore one an see wuts thats all about

  • So i ended up buying it for ” 360 “. And i agree Spec ops with a friend is insane fun. Really good feature that was added. Cant wait for some Multiplayer action next week.

  • The Spec-Ops are great. Although I do feel some of them are unnecessarily unforgiving. Like Evasion. If you mess up a shot, endless waves of goons spawn to kill you.

    That being said, I think the SPec Ops are the most fun I have had with a game on co-op. I honestly can’t think of another that comes close.

    Oh and f**k Juggernauts.

  • “Sigh, still a rich gets richer multiplayer game. If you’re good, you get all the toys to dominate. If you are bad or have a rough game, you get fucked.”

    Well that happens in many “realistic” type games though doesn’t it? If you’ve played long enough, you can become an expert in the game and drop people fairly easily. Counter-Strike is a good example of this.

    Games that stretch reality on the other hand, seem to offer much more fairer play. For example, Half-Life’s Deathmatch was amazing in it’s ability to let everyone enjoy the experience from veteran to newb alike. A newb could use the laser guide missile and still get the occasional kill on the veteran which was very satisfying for them.

    Same with Team Fortress 2 to a degree. The game mechanics are designed in such a way that even newbs can get decent kills on veterans (especially if they work together).