Happy Halloween 2009 from Keen and Graev

Although our Blog was started in February of 2007, we like to use Halloween as a sort of benchmark for where we’re at each year.   2007 was spent in EQ2, 2008 was in WAR, and 2009 is being spent in Aion.

Halloween marks the end of a season, in a way.  When it comes to MMO’s, their launch schedules, and lifespans, Halloween always has a way of being important.  For many games it has been the dreaded day of death where subscription numbers begin to fall and others it has been a milestone of excitement.  Let’s hope that this next seasons (Halloween to New Years) is a fantastic one for everyone.


Where will we be in 2010? We hope that you’ll continue to stay with us to find out.

KeenAionHalloween09 KeenAionFlightHalloween09

The Halloween event in Aion was a little disappointing.  I was hoping to see lots of decorations around Pandaemonium and a spooky atmosphere with some in-game events going on but the in-game Halloween celebration amounted to simply receiving treats sent in surveys.  I like the treats, especially the fantastic looking Pumpkin Head Hat, but a little more would have been nice.

Since I’m playing Fallen Earth as well, even as a free 15 day trial, I’ll mention that their event was a little lackluster as well.

My favorite Halloween events are from The Realm and EQ2.  Someone will hopefully top those one day.

  • Both Aion and FE, but I only count Aion because that’s the game I am paying to play. FE is still a free trial. 🙂

  • It is the original MMORPG, if you count time in Alpha/Beta. Meridian 59 released a couple months before but The Realm went into Beta first, I believe. Also one of the best ever made!