Pwn that Turkey!

Ahhh, a classic holiday full of classic good times.  Nothing like having time off of work and school for that relaxing long weekend.  We’ll be spending our weekend in Modern Warfare 2 (Which we’re both playing as the turkey finishes cooking) and awaiting Allods Online CBT#2 to begin on Tuesday.  We hope that you’re playing something you enjoy!

Coming on Monday we’ll be giving out beta keys for Allods Online CBT#2, so be sure to come back after you sleep off the weekend!

Have a great Holiday!

  • Thanks guys! You too! I’ve been enjoying Modern Warfare but feel a sudden urge to replay Fallout, I’m in the CBT 2, looking forward to Tuesday.

  • Happy Holiday, you two!

    Looking forward to CBT 2 as well. And just got MW2, so will be launching that up tonight for some gametime… 😉

  • Theres a website out there that has a ton of CBT 2 keys to give away. I will post a link .

    It is kinda funny… I have never EVER been this excited about a FTP MMO. Hell, I’ve never given one a try. I always, probably falsely, considered them to be crap based on the fact they went with a FTP model. I realize that was probably an error in judgement on my part.

    Anyways this looks pretty fun. I watched some youtube open world pvp videos and it looked like WoW all over again pre-bgs.

  • Btw Keen, your blog had me thinking I should give LOTRO a whirl. I downloaded the free 10 day trial and I’m actually enjoying it more than Aion, so I guess that is as good an indicator as any that I should unsubscribe from Aion. The grind really got me to also…. Not too fun to do repeatable kill quests over and over nor do I enjoy grinding PVE crap with groups. I preferred the direction that WAR was headed by allowing you to experience off of players (I know you can do this in Aion also, but who are you kidding — WAR did it better and you could actually do nothing but PVP to level).

    Anyways Happy Holidays.