Our Rise of the Tomb Kings hieroglyphic code clues have arrived!

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Mythic Entertainment has included us in their Rise of the Tomb Kings blogger hieroglyphic code deciphering challenge!  (Say that 10 times fast)

This afternoon, by the ever-faithful hands of the U.S. Postal Service, a package arrived containing two Rosetta bones with clues to unraveling the mystery of the cartouches.  By solving the mystery you’ll be able to unlock (hopefully, if you’re one of the thousands) an in-game pocket item: Scarab Amulet (releases beetles that rove all over your character).

In addition to the cartouche clues, we’ve been sent a map that shows where players can find “a special tome unlock…and maybe more”, and a page from the Diary of Doom.  The diary page is an in-character guide to the Necropolis of Zandri and will combine with other bloggers’ pages to give advance warnings of the various horrors that lie in the Necropolis.

Our clues are of course for the U.S. cartouches/unlocks.

kglotdcartoucheclues kglotdtreasuremap

Scarab Amulet - 1h cooldown
Scarab Amulet - 1h cooldown

Be on the lookout for symbols scattered around the WAR blogosphere!  Let’s work together and get these solved.

Blogs where you’ll find more clues:

Tome of Knowledge
Epic Slant
Rainbow MMO
Bio Break

Websites with the Cartouches (Eventually MMORPG.com, Gamespy.com, Kotaku.com, Massively.com, and Tentonhammer.com):
MMORPG.com’s Cartouche: D J HA _ T U M N _ (You have all the clues you need to solve this one!  Thanks to those who commented below.)
Kotaku’s Cartouche: _ E M _ N _ O B E _
Massively’s Cartouche:  L UT _ M HUT T

After you have solved the puzzle be sure to enter the solution into your account page.  Mythic will then mail you your scarab immediately.

  • Are Mythic really out of touch? I dunno why they still include you in these things considering you quit for a while and have been highly critical of the game, I’m surprised they want to direct extra traffic here.

  • i was surprised to but keens started playing again and i think mythic like them both

  • It wasn’t till reading this article that I noticed my interest in WAR is almost zero now. I’m still subbing to give LotD a try, but even that just doesn’t sound appealing to me.

    I hope LotD turns out to be fantastic and changes my mind.

  • I Just cracked the code for mmorg.com’s skull. Hint first missing letter is a D. Fourth missing letter is an A.

  • Bri, can you tell me which of the two possible translations worked? Is it the _ J H _ _ _ U _ N _ or the other?

  • And Keen, take a close look at the cartouche, you have everything you need, I have my scarab already.

  • Heh, after staring at it long enough with Bri’s clue it finally clicked. Jeez, I really do fail miserably at puzzles.

  • And remember than these are keys to be entered into your account so they are not supposed to make sense.

  • I thought they were supposed to be names of long dead Nehekharan royals…Unless I’m gullible and they meant that to be funny.

  • Hmm, tried all possible variants for the two remaining codes and it keeps issuing the “invalid code” response. I still think Massively’s 4th character is an “I” but not convinced about the sixth being “H”.

  • I’ve tried so many variants. Kotaku and Massively’s just don’t accept. There is something fishy about the 4th character in massively’s.

    Anyone have success with one other than mmorpg?

  • Mythic fixed Massively’s key today. Yesterday it would not work, even if you guessed correct. Might be the same for the others, so if you missed out on MMO’s 1000 keys, now there are more option to try again.

  • I just solved Massively’s and it worked, how come there is not clue to the pyramid with eye on Kotaku’s?

  • Massive 9 code works now if you input the last one..

    I also already solved Kotaku last night before they fixed massive. Should have went to sleep instead of staying up later for 4 hours trying to solve it and wait for massive code to be fixed.. =D

  • All 3 sites are working. I have verified all to be working and Kotaku and Massively still have codes remaining. The trick to Kotaku is one of the characters is not correct according to the key. It is not the X or the F. Hope this give you some help to solve it.

  • Kotaku’s Cartouche: _ E M _ N _ O M E _

    You should note that the second M is a B the only letter not figured out with between the N and O

  • Sorry Rameko, that isn’t correct. 🙁

    The code is XEMANFOBEK according to the key. Like I said before, you will see that one of the characters isn’t matching with the key. But it isn’t the X or the F.

    You can figure out what the letter between the N and O are because it is the only one that there has not been a published key for.

  • AHHHH, stupid Kotaku code.

    I believe I see what you are saying Blondish, however, when I try to switch out the letter, it doesn’t work. 🙁

  • Yeah, I just tried letters A-Z so I don’t think that’s the letter. It looks like I’ve have to stare back and forth at the letter until I can figure it out.

  • Figured it out. That’s the biggest slip up they’ve made, and I’m pretty upset about it. 🙁

  • I just figured it out gots my amulet. Now my guilds got it better hurry! XEM——K The K at the end is wrong. They screwed up the skull.

  • I don’t think they screwed it up Rameko. I think they were trying to get you to think outside the box. I mean, does it sound any different with a C or K at the end? That is how I figured it out.

  • Kotaku code is out of uses, waiting for gamespy and tenton to post their skulls. Why must I have walked into this contest three days late?