Our Darkfall community is growing!

Lately it’s all that most of the K&G community can talk about: Darkfall, Darkfall, DARKFALL!  What race we’re going to be, what type of character we want to play, where we want to build our clan city, whether or not we’ll be an aggressive or defensive minded bunch, and all sorts of details that we probably shouldn’t even begin thinking about.  That’s part of the fun when anticipating a game though.


What started out on our forums as just a place to post info and talk about a game that appeared to be mostly vaporware is now taking off and becoming a really great place to find information about the game as it becomes available.  I log on each day and learn something new from reading stuff posted by people I’ve never even seen post before – it’s pretty awesome.

The information surrounding Darkfall is so limited as it is these days.  Aventurine is being extremely tight-lipped and not giving out any real details for people to absorb.  There are the occasional leaks from testers and the rare interview here and there but other than that it’s up to the community to come together and fend for itself.  The official Darkfall forums are like the Mos Eisley spaceport in that they’re nothing but a hive of scum and villainy- they’re a brutal bunch over there and not very welcoming to a new face at all (that’s puting it nicely).    We want our forums to be a place where people can come and learn about the game, and hopefully get involved with a decent community that longs for the good old days of a sandbox game from which to thrive for years to come.

As you probably know, Darkfall was ‘delayed’ until February 25th.  Originally the plan was to release on January 22nd but the team fell behind on a few things that they felt were important enough to have finished before a launch.  Aventurine has said that the plan is to deploy some form of “open beta” (read: slightly less restrictive closed beta for only a handful of people) that will start sometime around the Jan 22.  How they’ll go about inviting people is a complete mystery at this point, but we’re hoping someone from our community secures a spot.

So, if a Darkfall community (or support group if things go awry) is something you’re looking for, then hopefully you’ll find one here with us!

K&G’s Darkfall General Discussion // Introduce yourself and join us!

  • You head the nail on the head about the official Darkfall forums. I was beginning to despair that the only people interested in playing the game were teenage sociopaths.

    I’ll be checking yours from now on 🙂

  • dang keen, feels like yesterday you were getting me all excited about warhammer online. i’ll have to take another look at darkfall now!

  • being new to the KnG forums id like to add that its a nice welcoming comunity, thanks guys. Plenty of gathered info to read threw and a lot more homely than the official forums. Just hoping that the attitude of the offical forums doesnt spill over into the game world too much.

  • You’ve perked my interest, I lurk here a good bit but wanted to say thanks for consolidating this info.

  • Despite reservations since its announcement eons ago– I really hope Darkfall gets released and does well. We need more niche MMOs that fill the gaps the others are neglecting in the wake of WoW.

    I think a lot of us are on wait-and-see, so frankly it’s nice to see some enthusiastic info.

  • Yes the DF community here are a good bunch, and we’re all pretty excited about the impending launch!

  • Keen should write a memoir: “My adventures in MMO gaming!” 😛

    But seriously, I think this game has a lot of potential. I will, however, take the wait-and-see stance as well because I can’t handle another rough MMO launch. If all goes well, I will be giving DF a try 1-2 months after release. If not, I’ll save myself the frustration.

  • I’m suspicious of Darkfall.

    The design specs look really promising, but the graphical design suggests to me they’re working on a shoe-string budget.

    Can they possibly deliver? I’ll let y’all be the guinea pigs on this one – will be curious to see whether this delivers.

    For now, count me skeptical

  • Being suspicious is a good thing. I think that’s what we all are right now. They’ve really gone out big with the promises to the point of it seeming too good to possibly be true. A lot of people would be happy with half of the promises they’ve made.

    As for the graphics, they’re actually improving from what I saw last year. The build they showed in Athens looked fantastic (you can find the video on our forums) and the world was really looking good. I was really harsh on DF early on when the graphics looked like EQ but now the graphics are in a place where I can happily tolerate them. The biggest gripe that I have are some of the animations – but I’ll have to wait to judge those in person.

  • I think darkfall will be fun, but I think its going to be vanguard + Dark and light. However I am really exited for Darkfall because it, AoC, and WAR have changed the MMO landscape and I would like to see more PvP focused games out there. I think darkfall if nothing else will push us into more hardcore pvp games.

  • It seems to me that the anticipation of a game release is usually much more fun then the actual game. I liken it to the excitement that a 5 year old feels while staring at his wrapped gifts, under the Christmas tree, in wide eyed wonder of the possibilities.

    I am sure that it will be anticlimactic when I first install the game and begin to play. Lets face it, how many MMOs have been the out of body experience that we think they will be. Darkfall will be mediocre, at best, after it is launched. Unrealistic expectations of a game lead to a let down. I will not call it vaporware, nor the second coming, until I try it. I am not psychic, as some of you appear to be.

  • Indeed, very few games live up to the expectations. I strongly feel that 90% (or some high %) of the problem rests solely on the shoulders of the company developing the game (their PR/marketing/whatever) because they create a false sense of reality.

    I’ve only played a handful of MMORPGs or any game for that matter that lives up to the hype but there are indeed some out there. That’s what keeps me getting excited about games. I want to believe that they’ll be what I envision them to be, based on what is being represented to the community, because without that anticipation life would be boring.

    Keeping your expectations in check are important at the very least to protect your own disappointment. If you get too excited about something then it can never live up to your expectations. That level of excitement is different for everyone based on what we’re expecting.

    However, never let anyone tell you that getting excited about a game makes you ‘wrong’ or a fanboy.

  • Was supposed to be released in December, then January and now February. Looking forward to your June entry, Keen.

  • See the WoW forums. See the Warhammer forums. See ANY official forums. It’s simply not logical to judge a game’s player-base by a forum. The very vocal minority at best are represented by the forum populous. You cannot make that kind of broad sweeping judgment call and sound credible.

  • I don’t even understand why you bother to get excited about Darkfall, Keen. It’s going to fail so hard that the earth-day will be a nanosecond longer, and crops will fail around the globe. And I WILL be back here to gloat when it does.

  • The devs of Darkfall ought to thank you Keen, you are doing them an immeasurable service. As far as I’m concerned I would dearly love to join your guild if that were possible. However since I’m worried about wedding stuff right now it may need to wait till after April/May. RL>MMO :-~

  • @Pierre: You’ll gloat because people are excited and hoping that a game trying to be different and bring an interesting twist on MMORPG gaming fails? I’m just gonna be honest here bro and say that sounds a bit psychotic.

    @Thallian: Well, I think gathering like-minded people together to avoid their forums isn’t a glowing endorsement of how they’re doing thus far with managing their community. 😉 I’m doing players like myself a favor and saying “come hang out” more than Aventurine. But in terms of propagating information about a game that is very under marketed, I guess I am.

    However, should they fail to live up to their promises -or- if I don’t like the game, then they and my readers should expect that I will write about that as well.

  • Another game being hyped by the K&G team. They have a knack for picking the winners.
    I will SURELY follow the progress of such a formidable title.

  • WoW and WAR are not niche games aimed at a small core audience.

    Even then the forums are reflective of what you will likely encounter in game, especially in a PvP server.

    EVE is another good example, the forums do reflect what you will experience if you head out of safe space (and even when you stay in safe space).

    AoC was also a good example.

    Darkfall, if it ever comes out, will be full of prats who will kill you you over and over again just because they can. The forums show you exactly what it will be like.

    Still, enjoy the game if that is your thing. If you band together with enough people and always take the disproportionate response (annihilate anyone who attacks any of your members, annihilate them any and every time you can) you might succeed. That is open PvP.

  • All I can say is that history has shown that most MMOs fail. So those of you that come here and spew your prophetic wisdom, about how this game will fail, Are surely a risk taking bunch.

    Hey Openedge1 and Pierre, don’t bother playing the lottery cuz you will not win. And when you lose, I will be sure to rub it in.

  • I hope I won’t be disappointed when the game comes out. After all, a company with very little experience and resources… Who knows how it’ll go.

    I expect the launch will be rough.