An update on where we’re at in WAR

I haven’t given you all an update on where we’re at in WAR for a while now.  Since I just finished writing three papers for class this week I think updating you all on our progress in the game so far is as good a way to relax as any.

We’ve been slowly leveling our goblins on Wolfenburg for the most part.  My Shaman and Graev’s Squig Herder are both level 35 now and we’re making our way through the Chaos quest zones.  Our plan so far in T4 has been to take 2-3 chapters from each pairing at a time.  We started with the Greenskin quests and did ch’s 15 & 16 then went to Dark Elf and did the same.  We decided to stick with the Chaos area a little longer because we wanted to get out of Praag fast, so we did Ch’s 15-18 and we’re currently working on Ch 19.

Questing for the most part is honestly dull.  I’m really not enjoying how shallow questing in mmorpgs has become and really long for the days of the sandbox roam n’ kill method.  Actually, a mixture of both questing and grinding wouldn’t be bad.  I hate using the word grinding though because of the negative connotation people have placed upon it.  However, I know of no other way to describe it.   Anyway, back to my ideal system.  I would like to see some quests offered that take a while to complete and require more than “Go here, kill this” or “get me X of this”.  I’d like for them to be extremely rewarding and as such not be abundant.  What’s wrong with the idea of doing some massive involved quest and being rewarded with amazing exp and items you would actually REALLY want to use for a long time?

I’ve seen all of Bastion Stair now (33-40 dungeon) and fully completed the left side.  The right side has been fully explored except the final boss has been giving me trouble.  Overall it’s a decent dungeon.  Takes about 30 minutes in a good group or less and provides good loot.  There’s not much exploration but it’s a welcomed change from the WoW style dungeons.  Again, I think a dungeon somewhere between What the DAOC/EQ dungeons used to be like and the WoW style is ideal.

Last thing I’ll fill you guys in on is my reluctant creation of an alt.  Not just any alt… an Order alt.  Yes, I was finally driven by boredom to create an alt on Phoenix Throne.  Why?  Because of the reasons listed here.  Wolfenburg’s RvR right now is in either a stage of demise or transition – we’ll find out very soon.  I’m worried about the talk I’ve been hearing of late that people are planning a mass exodus from Wolfenburg to a server with a better RvR community.  Some times I feel like the server is dead and some times I think it’s great.. that’s the problem – it’s inconsistant.  Sometimes I run around for hours and hours finding no action (even after I try to go out and create it) and give up in frustration.  Other times the action is there waiting for me.

This alt I created is an Ironbreaker.  Happy Fun Guyz has made an alt guild called Black Fire Fellowship (yay for RP names and stuff) on Phoenix Throne that we’re happily alting away on when nothing happens on Wolfenburg.  So far the community on PT has been awesome and the RvR has been thriving; even in Tier 1 the action is HUGE in the rvr lakes.  One example of the community is this group I came upon standing at the Ekrund warcamp.  They were doing some sort of RP ritual which looked bizarre but the point is that for the first time there were people standing around and NOT moving at 100mph trying to queue for something or kill something.  They were having a good time and their actions passively benefited my feelings of immersion.  That’s a first in Warhammer Online.

That’s the update for now.  Wanting to get my Shaman to 40.  Wanting Wolfenburg RvR to pick up.  Having a good time on Phoenix Throne every now and again on my Ironbreaker.

  • I’d also like to add that I can’t spell…but Wolfenburg and PT are the same two servers my two guilds play on. Chaos on PT, Order on Wolfenburg. I’ve been hearing the same complaints about Wolfenburg and it is disheartening, but the news from PT keeps me hoping. (Still can’t play…)

  • I would like to see a MMOG thats pure role play, No levels, just all about role play. Just a world. Do with it what you want.

  • No RvR on Open-RvR? WTF is that all about? Don’t you have tons of people on that server? Why do you think there is a lack of RvR on a server that lets you RvR any time – any place?

  • Well, the server has lost a lot of people. We’re sitll “medium-high” pop but the RvR action is severely limited because Order mostly sticks in their warcamps and queues for scenarios. *shrug* Honestly, at this point I have no idea why people won’t come out to play.

  • Aye, that’s just it. We’re one of the higher populated servers, and still we feel as if it is dying. I unfortunately the way things are set right now, Open RVR, which is what the majority of us want, is inexistent because of the overlooked/poorly made/unfortunate systems in place. Not even the systems, perhaps just the way the game has been set up. There is by NO possible means, the benefits of scenario XP/Renown from doing Open RVR. In a PVp centric game, I honestly no matter how much I wish and like Mythic, cannot see how they could go through with this. I think the general community would be more impressed if the game had no scenarios, making that guy with 12000 RVR kills, actually badass. Tor Anroc ftw?

  • The Ironbreaker is a rocking little class, I’m enjoying my alt a lot.

    We had a RPed witch trial and witch burning in Altdorf last night (leave it to them witch hunters to find something productive to do while there’s supposed to be a war on, eh? 🙂 ). More worryingly, the chaos guys on our server had some RP going to do with a cult of Slaanesh — lets burn more witches say I. And then witch elves.

    We did have some T4 open RvR but … it petered out when Order realised we were outnumbered 4:1.

  • Upon hearing that Knights of the Blazing Sun will be coming out on december ive been putting War on hold a bit so I can be fresh out the gate with the class I wanted to play most, but I have also been trying to find out which servers have the most active rvr lakes/tier 4 keep areas, that is my main interest, whether its core or open or even RP, keep us updated a bit on yours Keen, would like to know if it keeps up with that activity in future tiers!

  • Questing would be better if the mob AI wasn’t so barebones, that’s the key element for me, if just killing a mob isn’t fun, how is a Kill x mobs quest going to be?

    There’s not much difference to mob types at all and I don’t think I’ve ever seen mobs heal each other. Even PQ scripting seems more about throwing Champions at you than any sort of complex behaviour.

    Initial aggro is even more simplistic: You can pull individual mobs right out of groups with ranged attacks, unless they’re hard-linked (then they’re connected from miles away because no one thought to modify the wandering code with linked mobs). Runners don’t aggro similar mobs, etc.. There’s nothing special about the threat system either.

    I know it’s meant primarily to be a PvP / RvR game, but the PvE feels like 8 years ago. Like someone at Mythic went ‘what’s the least we could get away with for mobs?’ or that they haven’t played other MMORPGs in awhile to realize the bar has been raised.

    At first I thought 40 levels would be short, now it’s feeling silly. They could chop off at least 10 levels. Not that I’m in any kind of rush, my Squig Herder is pretty much parked while I let guildmates catch up and I play alts. But with PvE so lackluster, what’s the point in leveling this much, aside from Mythic ensuring a time investment in your character?

  • Keen , what do you think about WOTLK’s PVP zone lake wintergrasp ? it got vehicles, turrets , flying bombers , and other good stuff not even exist in WAR.

    even if blizzard the current king of PVP , they surely didnt stop trying to refine their world PVP system.

    im now in WAR and enjoying myself (Still T1) but i have a bad feeling about the ENDGAME variety in WAR. if WAR failed then i will go to Moria for PVE.


  • doh, go back and do greenskins from 17 on, the quest xp is so much faster in greenskins from 17, i have lvled 2 chars one before the xp was upped and lvling another now, and from 17 on right now greenskins is the place to be, 10 to 18k a quest.

  • @Maiar: I think WotLK has some really interesting ideas in store for wintergrasp; albeit most of them are second hand ideas. How they implement them will make all the difference though. If they pull it off then they’ll be sitting very pretty.

  • ‘No RvR on Open-RvR? WTF is that all about?’

    On open RvR servers, the chicken mechanic is partly turned off, so level 40s can fight in tier 3, and so on.

    The obvious consequence is that no-one fights before T4, and no-one makes it to T4 unless they are not bothered by a lack of PvP, meaning even there there is a lack of RvR compared to similar population servers.

  • The problem with this game I have come to realize is there is no incentive to get to lvl 40. Think about all the other games before it… there was always a carrot at the end to get to max lvl. In the case of DAOC it was to be able to RvR in the frontiers, make a difference and be competitive. In wow it was experiencing the best dungeons/loot or Epic encounters etc.

    In War you can do everything in Tier1-2 that you can do in T4 and you can do it quicker. War is everywhere slogan has actually hurt this game in some respects. Making alts is far too enticing and people are doing it. Get to play a different class, balance is better at low levels, dps is slower therefore fights are more tacticle/manageable, get to jump into instant popping scenarios at all times, more people in open rvr, getting lvls in a matter of minutes etc etc…

    It is the entire game in a nutshell and nothing to look forward to progressing further. Sacking a city is just not appealing enough and frankly most people dont even know it exists. I have been logging in less and less and I am stuck in the mud in T3… I doubt i will be renewing my sub this month unfortunately.

  • What Romble says is true, other than the obviously gear grind, there are things that become available RIGHT when you hit 40. I was really expecting some sort of epic mount, other money sinks, INDIVIDUAL rewards. People no matter how much they like/would like the game to be for them, cannot be forced to play with other people ALL the time. Even if they want to, schedules mess everything up right away. Now perhaps I am being way too critical of the game, and I really do want it to be good, but there are things that are in game that I cannot see WHY they are implemented the way they are. I don’t know if Mythic just doesn’t understand the way the players work, or if they expected something different, but WHO COMES UP WITH TOR ANROC? What is with the lack of carrots? The game is here, it’s perfectly ready, yet it’s like having a cake with a ton of VERY large air pockets. You bite in and say “Well wtf? Who thinks of these things?”

    Now I respect Mythic 100%, just as I did Blizzard, but if they cannot prove within the next 6 months that they can improve WAR to be omgwtfbbq amazing, they should seriously reconsider their life.

    Now I see this looks like a hate message, but try and believe me when I say I really want WAR to be good. I just think that with WoW out several years before they could have taken a bit more from it.

  • Same thing on Karag Hirn,some RvR here and there.Even if I paly Order I will say that Order players are more PvE.Don`t get me wrong there are some really good Order RvR guild there but we are just a few.

    I said it before and will persist saying it,”please remove Scenarios in T4″.

  • Mythic just announced the Witching Night event. PQs that take place in the rvr lakes. If this doesn’t stir up some open rvr, than nothing will.

    I am very pleased to see how quickly Mythic has responded to our outcries. They do listen to us; they do care. And as long as they adhere to these standards, the sky is the limit for this game.

  • @Flying Norseman

    “I can’t imagine Blizzard sitting any prettier than they are now.”

    Word. I predict a loss of WAR subscribers on an epic scale when Wrath of the Lich King comes out. Frankly, many who were bored with WOW picked up WAR as an alternative, to see if it had what WOW didn’t, before WOTLK came out.

    And as I said in beta, WAR is WOW repackaged. Hey, we even have arenas.

    That being said, i’m sticking with WAR. I like the world better.

  • I can imagine Blizzard sitting a WHOLE lot prettier. They lost a HUGE number of subscribers to their lack of quality PvP and their hamster wheel PvE. Imagine if they began changing that – like it appears they are trying to do with WotLK … suddenly they not only retain the 11million they have now but get the million+ they lost. Now they’re sitting much prettier.

  • Rawr, my guild is Destruction on Phoenix Throne! I’ll look for an Ironbreaker to melt down in the RvR areas 🙂

  • # Keen Says:
    Well, the server has lost a lot of people. We’re sitll “medium-high” pop but the RvR action is severely limited because Order mostly sticks in their warcamps and queues for scenarios. *shrug* Honestly, at this point I have no idea why people won’t come out to play.


    You’ve answered your own question: “medium-high pop.” When the numbers are even there is a lot of action and it’s fun, but Order players just aren’t motivated to walk into a 1v3 meatgrinder once the oRvR-starved masses of destruction get word there’s a fight and swarm in. Then comes the forum whining about us staying in the war camps as if any player of any faction would do differently faced with zergs that have them severely outnumbered and outleveled.

    It’s absurd to blame the problem on Order. That’s just typical MMO forum blather: the assumption that there is some fundamental difference in the people who play different factions that makes one side “cowardly” or whatever. The culprit here is the serious population imbalance. You can say Order need to leave warcamps just as much as I can say Destruction need to reroll Order so that we can have a fair fight for once.

    My group of friends rerolled from Destruction on Bechafen to Order on Wolfenburg on the 16th when we saw the vast population imbalance on day one. Yes, Destruction looks a lot cooler and we were disappointed, but we wanted the underdog faction since we knew we’d be able to find fights that way, and it has worked.

  • What is the name of your IB on Phoenix Throne?

    I’d like to know so I can keep an eye out for you.

    I’ve been on PT since day 1. I’m not a role-player myself, but I love the kind of community RP servers have.

    I recently rolled an IB alt (Taugrym) on PT and have been very impressed with the class. He is R13 now. IB has great utility and survivability, and with Grudge can hit pretty hard.

    I’ve posted a few narrated IB T1 videos over the past 2 days: