Wolfenburg is where it’s at! Dungeon runs, RvR, and fun!

Hydra Boss
Hydra Boss

I can’t play right now for two reasons.

1.  The servers are down for a patch.
2.  They nixed the grace period and my game won’t arrive until as early as this afternoon.  (I’m not bitter… really… *Twitch*)

Class starts soon so I thought I’d hop on this morning and give you guys a quick update on our server predicament and tell you about what we’ve been up to!

Wolfenburg has been a diamond in the rough all along.  Last night we hit Full Destruction population with a 300 person queue and High Order, possibly with a queue!  Scenarios were popping for tier 1 every few seconds and we were getting great T2 pop rates.  I’m ecstatic about this and really feel bad about my lack of faith in the number of people who would be getting the game on the 18th.  Oh ye of little faith, thy name is Keen.

Our characters have reached levels 17 and we did our first dungeon run last night and keep raid night before last!  I’ll talk about the dungeon run first.  We gave Sacellum a try last night with levels 16-20 and got to the Hydra boss.  I was the only healer (shaman) and struggled a bit because I don’t have my group heal yet.  The first boss (Dragon) went down in our second attempt once we got the hang of the adds; he dropped a green belt with 17 wisdom.  The second boss (Manticore) went down with zero trouble at all and dropped a green helm.  The third boss (the Hydra) gave us a lot of trouble.

The Hydra boss behaves like Magmadar from MC in a way.  He spits fire around and you have to avoid it or it will pretty much wreck you in two seconds.  He also does an PBAOE ground pound that hurts everyone around him, has a tail swipe (we think), and has an aura that disables the ability to rez in combat.  That sounds like a lot, right?  Well he also has a fireball that 1 shots people.  We haven’t figured out how to stop him from doing the fireballs yet… perhaps it’s just a matter of taking him down fast enough.  The fireballs do over 2k damage (500×4 or more).  We believe the dungeon continues on further because we encountered a gate that must open after the hydra dies.   The hydra boss fight takes place in a little mini area that reminds me of the Nefarian encounter.  To say the least, the dungeon is great looking.

As for our keep siege, it was pretty good!  It was very impromtu and more of a “hey, who wants to go take a keep?” than a scheduled event.  We, along with our allies and some pubbies, decided to attack the keep in Barak Varr.  We gathered up about 24 people, ranging from 11-18, and made an attempt.  We got the doors down fairly quickly with a ram, annihilated any Order defending, and out of 3 attempts our best was getting the Lord down to 50%.  We just didn’t have the dps that comes with levels (since no bolstering) to bring him down AND fight the Order that was coming to defend.  Overall it was a great attempt though and we enjoyed it.

I’m very happy that we chose Wolfenburg now and can’t wait for the server to age like a fine wine.  I hope everyone else is enjoying their servers and the launch of WAR.

  • Grats on the server Keen. I am miffed at their hubris about the grace period too. Lastly, great to hear the boss battles and keep sieges are fun 🙂

  • Update on the Grace Period from Mark Jacobs


    Good, bad or ugly, Mythic has always had the integrity to stand up for what we think is the right thing to do in any situation. I don’t expect everyone to agree but I’ve never intentionally made a decision to hurt the community and/or our players and I don’t intend to start now. For the last couple of days we’ve been dealing with a very difficult and complicated situation. Sadly, there are lots of moving parts and sometimes it takes both a bit of elbow grease to get things working properly. Here’s where we stand right now. As of this morning, we deactivated a large number of accounts and ended the Head Start for our game. At the same time, we’ve been in touch with the retailers, both online and brick-and-mortar, and while we are getting great data on the number of people who will get their game today; there is still a relatively small number of people who won’t be able to get them due to shipping issues (no matter what the issues are, whose fault, etc.). So, after a lot of conversations I’m happy to announce that over the next few hours we are going to extend the grace period for all customers of Amazon, GoGamer and the EA Store till the 22nd of September. Based on the data we have gathered, these companies account for just about all the customers that were concerned about their chance to get into the game today. Thus, if you currently have an account with us, you’ll be able to get back into the game while you wait for your game to be delivered. Of course, all characters are still intact and no billing of any credit card has taken place (it couldn’t, the account still has free time on it) since the accounts were simply deactivated not wiped. We have been assured by all the brick-and-mortar retailers that they got their shipments in the stores already so if you needed to go to a store to pick up your game, the units are in stock everywhere. We will be monitoring the situation closely over the next twenty-four hours of course.

    As I’ve said countless times, we will do the best we can in any situation to make it right and I hope you agree with have done so again. I thank the community for its support, especially for this rather thorny problem.


    I’m still set as “inactive” though. 🙁

  • You know what I hate? The fact that my retail box is sitting right infront of me…but my parents are outta town, and so I can’t enter a method of payment, even though I get a free month of the game WITH the box…guess I won’t be playing until Tuesday…

  • It’s good to hear that your finally settled on a server. Now the choice for me is to either play Destruction and be an ally, Or to play Order and hunt cha out.
    Either way it should be fun.

  • to be honest WAR is not that good… and its graphics are terrible… that coming from someone who adores Space Ward Ho 🙂

    and a 25 TWENTY VIFE MINUTE wait.. to get on your server.. if you are lucky and no errors occure are not acceptable…

  • Mirage, you just go to the account center, and put in your CD code, I didn’t have to enter payment.

    Keen – Did any forget to loot those damn dogs lol!

  • WAR is horrible indeed. 6 & 7 called it.

    All that rich lore, meticulous attention to detail, player options and scalable, stylized graphics…absolutely deplorable. Not to mention their superior custom service and response time on important issues?!?! What kind of game are they spinning with their “finest MMO in years” business?!?!

    I’m gonna go back to maple story guys. Srsly. I’ve got 245k xp to grind by tomorrow morning.

  • Oh one more thing…i’ll get back to PvPing after I get done soloing that dragon in the screenshot.

    I’ll invite the rest of you guys on my next run.

  • I’m inactive as well. The Source who I purchased from (and who I’m positive was linked from the Warhammer Preorder page at one time, as that’s how I found out about it) says I probably won’t get my copy until the end of next week. Even better, it sounds like some CE copies are coming without keys (i.e. the white box is blank). Not impressed.

    Basically if I don’t hear from Mythic / EA on an extension for ALL preorder key customers until the end of next week, I going downtown later today and picking up a regular box of the game off the shelf at EB Games, then sell my CE off later to someone else (of course I’ll have to check the box though to ensure the key is even in it so I don’t screw someone else).

    It funny because you hear people saying it’s not Mythic’s fault. Well it is and it isn’t. It’s actually EA’s fault as they’re the publisher and not getting the game shipped out in time and in sufficient demand. I mean that they would have tons of the regular game boxes in stock in stores, yet people are having to wait a week for their preorders, such as the CE, is totally poor organization on EA’s part.

  • well seeing quite a few troll like posts , if you seriously are so impatient and do not hav any frustration at all for normal problems at post launch of a mmorpg dont play at launch

    why customer support not helping? , probly are working they are not obligated at all to inform you (until its fixed i guess)

    i really liking warhammer for being what i always enjoy much more “PVP” , pve is good but i find it lacks the challenge i seek and normally find my self chatting more then playing (exceptions) but the pve challenge normally comes out as a grind instead of real challenge and thats where competitive pvp is just hardcore 🙂 and best of all fun

    all the developers at mythic need to do is just focus on “bug fixing” “performance issues (bugs possibly as well” and when thats done with , to keep this a long last successful FUN mmorpg , content , cause i rather not war become to a p2p chat client like , how wow did for me =(

    if you dont like the game , dont post or comment about it and ruin and mislead for those who may very well like it , its just needed (and yet people do it for simple attention seeking…) ahhh whatever

    the problems with server lines thats expected , dnt play at launch if cant handle (assume it will smooth out over 1-3months) and the whole scenario problem wow’s battlegrounds also had this issue (but the fact they were not ingame at launch so…)

    this my first comment at a blog post here , and rather just read but sometimes its needed for a post from me 🙂

  • I bought the CE and can see myself playing WAR for years to come. Except I won’t be shipped my CE for at least a week so now I got squat.

    When AoC came out it was pretty much the same situation except Funcom had a realistic grace period. About the only thing they did right. Pretty bad sign of things to come when Funcom treats me better >.>

  • “well seeing quite a few troll like posts , if you seriously are so impatient and do not hav any frustration at all for normal problems at post launch of a mmorpg dont play at launch”

    @Keen: How I can respond to rude comments like CountOmally’s here without sounding rude myself? I guess I won’t dignify it with a response at all.

    BTW they reactivated my key, until the 22nd I’m assuming when I’ll be out of luck again. At that point, I’ll try contacting EA Support and see if I can get it reactivated again. I mean they can confirm my CE preorder key and I’m happy to even start a paid subscription, just let me play the game.

  • @Nollind Whachell

    im sorry if i offended you my post start was not directed at you at all , never even read what you said (was not there when i posted my comment)

    if you look up your see the real kinda things which doesent promote a game well , sure games hav problems , mostly mmorpgs just launched overall its quite nice , i do disagree when some say its best launch i found lotro’s better but it also had much less “players” and “content” (thats what i found anywayz”

  • @Werit: Supposed to take 20-30 min with the right levels.

    Don’t pay the trolls any attention guys. 🙂 Unless they back their statements with a “because” or “this is why” then they are nothing but trolls.

  • I’m glad to hear that you are all having fun. Unfortunately, I have learned that the open rule set doesn’t work for me.

    When playing yesterday, a level 20 was ganking level 8-10 players in one of the public quest areas. The high-level player camped there for hours and could easily wipe an entire warband of 10 or more players. I had the same issue the night before.

    Needless to say, I wasn’t having fun so I decided to re-roll on a core rule set server before I invested too much time into my character. I agree that it is weird not being able to attack people in the PVE zones but it is more fun to me than having an entire warband ganked by a player 10 levels higher.

  • @Yoshi: To each his own and if you find Core more fun then that’s definitely where you should play. 🙂 Having fun is all that matters.

  • The hydra was the last boss in the dungeon for us. I had a group of 6 that beat him level 17-20 during the open beta. We had two healers though and they stacked up on toughness and elemental resist.

    The healers would than never stop moving only casting instant heals. This allowed them to more quickly get out of the fire that is placed on the ground after the DD giving them a chance to live. Even than by the end both healers were dead but we were able to finish him shortly after.

  • @Yoshi

    Man that reminds me of something I did yesterday. I decided to go do some T1 PQs gearless for Tome Unlocks and titles when I found a rank 15 White Lion trying to stir up trouble.

    Suffice it to say, he got steamrolled and the lowbies were pretty happy :).

  • Go kill some stunties damn trolls!

    Nice Progress guys things are looking up for u folks

    My guild that i came here with from Daoc is mostly playing

    when I am not ><

    What time do most of u folks play keen?

  • Well, I got a credit card and all that set up, and I’m currently in the queue for Wolfenburg, with a friend. Once my other RL friends get the game, we’re forming a guild. We’re all Destructiony and cool, so if you see a gobbo shammy named Krimm, gimme a shout! 🙂

  • @LJ: I play mostly from 2pm PST until 10pm PST. I take intermittent breaks and sometimes log off earlier because of homework and RL stuff. On Weekends I’m on as much as possible. We have people online pretty much all times of the day in our guild.

  • I started to have fun on Wolfenburg, than hit login ques and scenarios that were nonexistent. Left to a core server playing the underdog and scenarios were popping faster than I wanted to play. Getting much more pvp action on a core server so not sure if I’ll be back to Wolfenburg. Either way, having a blast!

  • My guild actually just left our server after there was a 700 person wait tonight, I havent actually bothered to queue all day as it was 400 when I got home and have been playing an Order alt on another server. Unfortunately I thought this might be an opportunity to get them to switch to Core but I think they are all meany gankers at heart or something cause they wont even listen to the arguements for a core server vs RVR.

    Actually if anyone can add anything to these that would be great.

    Core servers:

    Seem to be more balanced Order/Destr.
    You are bolstered in RvR lakes
    There is actually PVP going on in RVR lakes

    Open RvR:

    …You arent magically stopped from killing any Order and/or Destr. you come across if they arent PVP flagged.

  • @CountOmally: Sorry for the misunderstanding but your comment seemed a direct reply to my comment about my launch problems with the game since you said “if you seriously are so impatient and do not hav any frustration at all for normal problems at post launch of a mmorpg dont play at launch”.

    By the way, while they did reactivate my inactive account temporarily, they deactivated it again on Monday. So as of yet, my account is still inactive and it sounds like I won’t get my CE copy till the end of the week. From what I’ve heard, this is happening to a lot of CE preorder customers and that’s why I’m a little ticked off, as I’d hardly call this a “normal problem” with an MMO launch. Again I’ve learnt my lesson and won’t preorder ever again (first and last time).