Warhammer Online February Newsletter

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Links are starting to surface with all the February Newsletter goodies. This month’s info is overwhelming. I won’t be able to write enough in one blog entry to do any of it justice. I’m going to give you guys just the links and a quick note and then break up my thoughts on each section over the next few days’ blog entries.

Keeps and Sieges Explained – TONS of info on siege weapons.

Renown System – Details on WAR’s system to measure RvR participation.

Scenarios 101 Episode 2: Stone Troll Crossing and Talabec Dam – Great info on WAR’s dynamic scenario environments.

Video Podcast – This month it’s about voice actors. Very interesting.

New Zone Overview: Saphery – Looks… elfish..

Paul’s Video Blogs – The usual greatness.

Dan Enright, Senior Game Designer
Nate Levy, Designer

GrabBag – Questions from WarhammerVault.ign.com

I’ll update the list as more links become available. Look for my thoughts on the Siege weapons and Keep info soon!

  • Thanks for the links. One question:

    Scenarios are instanced?

    And do you have more links to the video podcast?