Watch Stargate Atlantis, Live forever in Stargate Worlds

If you’re as much a Stargate fan as I am then you won’t want to miss out on a really cool opportunity like this:

“Get ready to Unlock the Gate! Starting January 11, 2008, enter for a chance to win an opportunity to have your image or likeness incorporated into the new Stargate Worlds video game! Watch Stargate Atlantis every Friday starting on January 11, 2008 at 10/9c on SCI FI to retrieve the gate code to allow you to enter for your chance to win!”

Stargate Worlds

Not the first time a MMO has done something like this but still a very neat opportunity. Since I watch SciFi channel all the time and never miss an episode of Stargate this will be icing on the cake.  Stargate is quite famous for incorporating their fans into the series so this fits in quite well with the “get in the gate” theme.  As for Stargate Worlds itself there still remains little hype out there to grab on to.  The game is still very much in development and the official site doesn’t offer much more than sneak peaks at concept art and linkbacks to the series.  Our first look at the Stargate Worlds trailer will be January 4th during the mid-season premier of Atlantis.

Stargate Atlantis

Going back to my healthy Stargate obsession I’m curious if anyone else is as excited as I am about the possibility of Carson returning to the show.  Paul McGillion did a fantastic job for 3 seasons playing Carson Becket on SG: Atlantis and it was a crime against humanity when they killed him off.  Since then the fan support for saving Carson has been enormous.  Atlantis in general has gone through a few changes this season.  Sam Carter was brought on to replace Weir yet remains much more behind the scenes.  Honestly as much as I wanted her on the show I’m starting to think she was better off staying out of Atlantis all together.  Stargate SG-1 (Carter’s true home) will wrap up entirely in early 2008 with two movies.  Honestly I hope this does justice to the series and ignites a flame behind Atlantis and Stargate Worlds.  Lots of phenomenal television here.

Watch the show so that they don’t cancel it.  Enter the sweepstakes.  You know you want to!

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