MMO Mounts

I can remember when mounts were only something we dreamed about in MMOs. I think I was playing Dark Age of Camelot one night, probably in a group without a…


Could it be DAoC 2?

Would it shock you if I told you that Dark Age of Camelot is one of my favorite games?  No, of course it wouldn't. My moniker is 'Keen' after all.…


GW2 WvWvW Explained

GW2 just took the top spot on my list of must-have-games.  Reason: ArenaNet has, on paper, come the closest to replicating DAOC.  World vs. World vs. World has just been detailed by Mike Ferguson, and everything he has to say makes me giddy.

Those familiar with DAOC will already have memories of how most of this works.  For those who missed the DAOC experience, I hope that GW2 finally brings you up to speed with the best way to do PvP in a MMORPG.

I really like the idea of server vs. server now.  In DAOC, each of the three factions grew very close because you were an entire team against two other teams.  You were fighting for meaningful objectives, for reputation, for honor, and glory.  In GW2, you’re fighting for all of those and for the ability to move up in what sounds like a ladder system.  Every two weeks your server is evaluated based on how you did and then given a new server to fight against.  I like the sound of creating healthy competition between servers; maybe that’s what’s needed to create the infamous “realm pride” in today’s market.

I’m in love with the idea of lower players joining the fight and continuing to progress while playing.  Giving everyone the opportunity to play removes segmentation and contribute to the server’s victory that week.  I hope that ArenaNet improves their bolstering system over that of WAR and SWTOR, but even if they don’t I can’t imagine why having more bodies would be a bad thing in this type of PvP (whereas in 8v8 having lowbies sucks). (more…)


PvP Stats: Not Necessary Before, Not Necessary Now

Why can’t items be universal?  Why do I have to obtain a set of gear for PvP and a set for PvE?

Having to gather gear with a PvP stat has never made much sense to me.

The problem started with players who only wanted to PvP.  These PvP-only types bemoaned the idea of having to go PvE to obtain their gear.  The solution?  Make a set of gear obtainable through PvP!  Several iterations of this idea have been implemented throughout the years.

At first, the PvP gear was inferior to PvE and it was worthless.  Then the PvP gear was just as good but easier to get so no one did PvE.   I guess no one cared to actually solve the problem, because the most recent version is the PvP Stat, and it’s been with us for a while now.

The PvP stat, whether it’s resilience, expertise, toughness, or whatever your particular game calls it, gives you an edge in PvP by lowering the damage enemies do to you, and increasing the damage you do to enemies.  It becomes a must-have in order to compete.   I think the original problem still exists: Players can’t play the way they want.

Read on for my thoughts on the problems caused by PvP stats and why past games have done fine without them.