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Blizzard files a federal lawsuit against a gold farming company…

Once again while browsing various message boards I have come across a topic worth discussing. Blizzard has filed a federal lawsuit against “Peons4hire” which is apparently a “Popular gold-selling organization.” Seriously who out there has heard about this company or any of its subsidiaries? Anyone? No I didn’t think so. “Peons4hire” apparently has been spamming […]

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Meet Rargh the Ogre Fury! I decided to pick up EQ2 lastnight from BestBuy and luckily they had a copy of the Echoes of Faydwer in stock. The box came with all the expansions and the original game so that was fantastic news (No clue where my old info is). So I created a new […]

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EQ2 update and stuff

Well yesterday turned out to be a busy day and I didn’t get the chance to blog much.  I was playing EQ2 last night and spent the better part of 4 hours trying to decide which class I wanted to play.  I finally decided upon the Fury class even though it’s horrifically overplayed, or so […]

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Giving EQ2 another go

Everquest II had a major update today adding the Neriak area and a new “evil Fae” race.  “Emofae’s”, as Cuppycake calls them, and the new area are really tempting me to resubscribe.  Recently with LOTRO I have been feeling the drain of having no one to play with.  I’ve been playing LOTRO for five months […]

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