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MMO’s and End-game. Why?

I received the inspiration to finally sit down and write my opinion on this yesterday afternoon as I was browsing various websites. The topic kept coming up over and over again and not until I was watching Paul Barnett’s famous “what Warhammer Online is about” did it finally sink in that I needed to speak […]

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Best Looking MMO Screenshot

Cuppy over at Cuppytalk has tasked players with finding the sheer beauty, realism, and artistic quality in MMO’s. I always enjoy finding those perfect landscape shots as I am adventuring through the lands of make-believe. So with this challenge presented I started digging through my archives of screenshots and I stumbled upon this little gem. […]

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Blizzard files a federal lawsuit against a gold farming company…

Once again while browsing various message boards I have come across a topic worth discussing. Blizzard has filed a federal lawsuit against “Peons4hire” which is apparently a “Popular gold-selling organization.” Seriously who out there has heard about this company or any of its subsidiaries? Anyone? No I didn’t think so. “Peons4hire” apparently has been spamming […]

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