What’d You Do This Weekend: Please Be Kind to New Players Edition

This weekend was spent dabbling in a variety of games. I played Stardew Valley a TON. Probably too much. We have a ridiculous operation going of crops into wines and preserves. It’s a little obsessive.

I also played WoW a bit to work on my Paladin. And by “work on” I mean just playing some world quests trying to get transmog gear and unlock mounts. It’s a decent distraction for an hour here and there.

Graev and I are trying to find something to do (looking for your recommendations please) together. We ended up trying out some DOTA 2 on a whim. A lot has changed in the 4 years since I’ve played. A lot. Before we played I said to Graev, “You realize they’re going to crucify us, right? They’re going to reach their their monitors, grab our souls, and drag us to the depths of hell for being newbs on their team.” His reply was simply, “I enjoy watching people freak out.” So we played. And there was some freaking out. The best moment hands down was the message across the screen at the start of the match to be nice to new players and help them learn. LOL.

What’d you do this weekend?

  • That’s awesome. I hope they were nice to you! 😛
    My husband and I started playing Bless Online (new mmo). They’ve had a pretty good start as far as mmo’s go, but it’s still a long way from a good polished game.
    I saw Moonlighter came out on Steam! I’m going to try to be patient and wait till Steam summer sale to get any more games here. “Try.”
    I’ll get back to stardew eventually. I’m so pleased that the game flourished and continues to do so. Lots of fun stuff coming from that studio.

    • They weren’t TOO bad. Quite a bit of “ugh, GG” in ‘all’ chat from two of the guys on our team. Though from my observations, they died twice as much as we did…

      Bless… I can’t play it. It looks way too short-term Eastern-grinder to me. And I’ve seen terrible things from streams, reviewers, and discord friends.

      I’m waiting no Moonlighter to come to Nintendo Switch. 😀

      • I admit, I groaned and said no initially to Bless. The only reason i gave in is because my hubby wanted to try it. They have SO many kinks to work out.
        I really need to get a nintendo switch… :O

  • I have been playing an unusual resource micro-management game called Cultist Simulator where not surprisingly you have to balance parameters to establish and progress your cult, while avoiding being consumed by madness or other such outerworldly-driven inconveniences.

    Unique is one of the better adjectives to describe it.