What’s Your Favorite MMORPG Race and Why?

What’s Your Favorite MMORPG Race and Why?

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Here's an easy question for you all, but I hope it has some really cool implications.

What's your favorite MMORPG race and why? 

It can be a current MMORPG you're playing, or one from 20+ years ago. You can pick something as straight forward as 'Human' or obscure as a Wookie. They key is to tell us all WHY you're picking that race to be your absolute favorite MMORPG race of all time.


Maybe you like that race because of its special bonus abilities or the starting stats were the best combination for your class. Maybe you simply liked it because it was super unique or just looked really cool.

For me, this question caused me to reflect pretty hard. Cosmetically, I love the small races. Gnomes, Lurikeens, Dwarves, Taru Taru, Halflings, Hobbits, Kobolds, you name it. If it's small, I love it. Why? I think it has something to do with their body body proportions and how they usually look so dang cute.

But then when I think about lore, I love the Orcs from Warcraft. That story and how it evolved from the original Orcs and Humans all the way up through WoW just makes me love that story.

If it's uniqueness and cool factor, there's the Gibberlings from Allods where you literally played as a group of 3 characters, Ratonga from EQ2 that are basically cool looking rats, and the Wookies from SWG.

I'm super torn on this. I definitely have a list of top 10. I could probably narrow that to a top 5, then a top 3.

If you're having trouble deciding, then you can see I empathize with you. But force yourself to pick ONE! 

Okay, I'll do it.

Drum roll...

Warhammer Online Goblins!

Weird and obscure, right? I chose WAR Goblins for a few reasons. 

They're simply ridiculous and loaded with personality. I love their humor and absurdity. I think their fashion and presentation are really unique too. They look so raw and true to their origin. I also love the classes Goblins can be: Squig Herder was so ridiculous in concept, Shaman so perfectly WAAAGH!

WoW does Goblins pretty well, but I really wish Goblins would come along in another MMO (that doesn't suck) and be done as well as the Goblins from WAR.

  • Daeva in Aion. It’s not even a contest. And yes, it’s the wings – they don’t only look beautiful (especially the starter ones, not a fan of the late game enormous, elaborate wings), the animations are also amazing. I just wish it would be a better game to include them…

    • The Daeva reminded me of EQ’s Fae race which I think I prefer over the bigger winged and almost demon or angelic looking Daeva.

  • Vanguard’s Raki. Stocky foxes with perfect proportions, an interesting back story and an intriguing culture. #1 by a good margin.

    Second: EQ2’s Ratonga. Also a fascinating culture with a particularly endearing speech defect.

    Hmm… I might turn this into a post of my own. For once, I think I can quite easily put the races I prefer into a definite order. I’m with you on small being best and I also really like WAR’s Goblins, who also have one of my favorite classes, the Squig Herder.

    • The Raki are so awesome! I had a Raki and made him as short as possible and really stocky. Such a cool fox guy.

  • Dark Elf if I can find one I especially like the ones in EQ with there ultraviolet night vision and a cleric if I can find that other types of elves. If that fails and there are no elves at all Trollish races or orcs. But number one DE’s

    • Dark Elves are a really cool race. I think they have some neat lore throughout the fantasy genre. My main and best character in EQ was a DE Necro. 🙂

  • Lurikeen from DAOC. They just had a lot of sass. Skinny bodies, big heads… so cute! And small size made for smaller target in RvR.

  • My ranking of races:
    Wow – Undead (I love the idea of playing as a lich, I wish they didn’t have hunch backs though)
    Wow – Trolls (I’ve liked them since WC2, which are getting straight backs now too and look so much better)
    WoW – Void Elves (They are new and look amazing, I’m working on getting one to 110.)
    Wow – Dark Iron Dwarves (They aren’t out yet but I like their look)
    Most other races, some are better than others, sadly human is probably the worst/most boring but is the one I’m playing because at the time I didn’t want a space goat, but they have been growing on me. I like the new allied races They all look great.

  • Anything BUT elves. Hate those bastards.

    Have been enjoying my time playing as a cow in project gorgon the last few weeks. I like to go into towns and just say Eat More Chicken in chat 🙂

      • I really enjoy many aspects of it but it also has lots of rough edges. Lag spikes can be a problem in crowded areas (though eventual optimization will fix this I am sure). Graphics can be an issue if that is a heavy consideration for you but considering you have dipped back into EQ before I do not see that as an issue. The graphics do no bother me as I am 41 and have seen worse in an MMO for sure 🙂 The humor in the game is quite unique. A lot of it feels like something out of a Terry Pratchett book to me… just really silly and odd. I mean you can become a cow and if you eat a steady diet of grass other players can milk you. Who thinks of something like that in an MMO?? Skills are insane in the amount you can discover and what they do.

        Basically I am also cautious to recommend the title to people because you really have to be open to a different experience as it does not follow the design rules of most MMOs. If you are interested in something really unique that does not hold your hand and in which you can get totally sidetracked I say give it a go. Just know that there is still an eventual wipe but that is only of items and not skills. The world is still evolving too as not all areas are completed I believe. Some people complain about the $40 price but I got in at a lower price point way back plus it is a non subscription game so buy and play.

  • For me, weird to say but it has to be Everquest 2 Ogres. They’re huge, ugly, and back when I played the game pretty uncommon, but I loved them. I think mostly because I really loved my ogre brigand Anakh (so much I started a blog about him!) Good times.

  • Miqo’te from FFXIV (Keeper of the Moon) The best catgirls ever 🙂

    As a backup, Winged Elves from PWI, as a cleric you get unlimited flight from level 1 🙂

  • Late to the party on this one but gonna leave this here anyway, my top 5!

    EQ2 – Iksar
    EQ – Iksar (pre Luclin)
    ESO – Argonian
    EQ – Iksar (post Luclin)
    WoW – Tauren