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Battlefront 2’s Ewok Hunt Impressions

Battlefront 2's Night on Endor Update went live today, and with it the new Ewok Hunt game mode. From what the news says, this game mode is for a "limited time." In fact, that wording is everywhere they mention the mode, so they're either trying a little hard to get us to play quickly, or it really is going to disappear fast.

The Ewok Hunt mode is really fun! I ended up streaming it for about an hour tonight.


Ewok Hunt takes like 20 players and starts three people out as Ewoks, and 17 others out as Stormtroopers. Those numbers are at least really close to be correct.

The goal for the Stormtroopers is simple: Survive until the shuttle arrives, board it, and win.

The goal for the Ewoks is to kill the Stormtroopers. When an Ewok kills a Stormtrooper, the Stormtrooper player respawns as an Ewok. Ewoks can die and respawn as many times as they need. This attrition gameplay basically makes the odds of Stormtrooper survive incredibly low if too many die early on.

In order to make this remotely fair, Stormtroopers have superior firepower and numbers. It actually does even out pretty well based on the numerous rounds I played tonight.

The map is pitch black for the Stomtroopers, so you're given flashlights to illuminate your surroundings. These create a really tense environment -- which is well done -- when you just see lights flickering in the forests. You never know if that scurrying sound you hear in the bushes is an Ewok waiting to stab you with a spear!

As a Stormtrooper I definitely feel really tense all the time.

The Ewoks are given spears, these firefly slingshot things that release these fireflies from hell, and special Ewok senses to basically see exactly where the enemies are at. Oh, and Ewoks have absolutely no trouble seeing in the dark.

My one critique of the mode right now is the cave. There's a cave with only 2-3 entrances where the Stormtroopers default run to. They can effectively camp in that cave and cover the exits, thus making it nigh-impossible for Ewoks to assault. The only time I've ever seen the Ewoks overcome an early turtle was when they were uber coordinated and bombarded the caves with impeccably timed fireflies. Every other time, it's a camp-fest. 

Overall, I'm pleased with the mode. I hope they keep it around and also introduce other similar modes with Jawas or something else.