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Titan Quest Expansion Released

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I was at Graev’s today checking out some games with him (Skyrim on Switch, Battlefront 2, and Pokemon Ultra Sun) when we stumbled on this little gem on Steam: Titan Quest: Ragnarök. Yep, it looks there’s a new expansion to one of the best action-rpg’s of all time.

Graev and I DEVOURED Titan Quest back in the day. We played through several times to experience that story and explore the vast worlds. Titan Quest is perhaps the only action RPG that I can say beats Diablo, and still — even above Path of Exile for me — holds the crown.

The latest expansion brings with it quite a list of features. From the official website:

At long last, Titan Quest continues its epic journey through the world of antiquity. A mysterious threat calls the heroes of Hades to the uncharted lands of northern Europe, where new enemies await and new powers and treasures are waiting to be found!

This new expansion to the acclaimed Anniversary Edition of Titan Quest adds a fifth act of unprecedented scope, along with many new and requested features including new weapon types and a 10th Mastery for your characters to learn.


New story act with dozens of new quests

  • Brave the realms of the Celts, the Northmen and the Asgardian gods in the largest act to date
  • Revisit the other acts to find new items and secrets

New 10th Mastery

  • Become a Runemaster, a magical warrior fighting with both, spells and weapons
  • Combine newly learned with existing masteries for a total of 45 combinations

New experience curve

  • Reach level 85 and maximize your character’s potential

New weapons and gear

  • Find new and powerful gear, from colorful Celtic shields to famous weapons of Germanic legend.
  • New relics and charms for crafting, and a new option to improve even legendary items.
  • New thrown weapons strike the balance between range and speed!

New Enemies and bosses

  • From the denizens of Germany’s dark forests to the forces of Asgard itself.

Improved character customization

  • A wider variety of regional styles and color dyes
  • Finally: wear pants!

Technical and QOL improvements

  • New shaders and graphical effects
  • Improved ragdoll physics
  • Improved UI and combat feedback for total information
  • Improved control customization
  • Improved modding tools

I’m really excited to visit the Celtic lands and Asgardian lore. The original was very much set in ancient Greece with the Greek gods and lore. This will be a fun departure.

I feel it’s worth noting that the original developers (who left and formed Crate Entertainment) have another game out right now that I have played and highly recommend: Grim Dawn. Titan Quest is currently developed by THQ Nordic, who — all things considered — have done a nice job bringing back the Titan Quest property.

Graev and I will let you guys know what we think of Ragnarok, which by name alone has earned itself an impulse buy. In case you’re wondering, it’s on Steam right now for 25% off ($14.99) and I believe GoG will have it next week.

  • I just reinstalled and started Grim Dawn again, man do I love that game. Definitely have to reinstall TQ and give this a go now as well.

    • We’re starting a playhrough of TQ again and working into this expansion. 😀

      And I’ll be playing Grim Dawn with all the new stuff. Pretty amped to give them a go.

  • How come I had no idea this was a thing? Titan Quest was fantastic…simply the best class trees ever. Thanks for the post.

    • You’re welcome! That’s one thing I really want to focus more on in 2018: Alerting our readers about the gems we find.

      Ragnarok came as a shock to us as well, and we’re huge fans of the game. I don’t know if it was a secret, or just sorely under-publicized.

  • I’m guessing you stopped reading Massively(OP)after your falling out with them years ago, or you’d have seen their news squib about this yesterday.

    Never heard of the game myself but I don’t like or play ARGs so it would have gone right over my head anyway.

  • I saw this yesterday and I am planning on buying it next payday. Until then it’s also made me want to get back into Grim Dawn. I always have so much trouble deciding what to be in Grim dawn though…

  • I am not an impulse buyer.

    I immediately bought this the second it appeared in my STEAM featured selections.


      • One thing I am having a problem with is lag spikes, which is generally unheard of with my relatively new high end rig. It feels like a memory leak problem as it gets worse the longer I play.

        I will try to run it on the Win 10 safe mode option.

  • You’d rank PoE above Grim Dawn? IMO Grim is the best ARPG since D2 (it’s hard to compare GD to D2 since they are so far apart in age). PoE was good, but Grim is the only ARPG since D2 that I’ve enjoyed playing through multiple times, and I think it has the best balance of min/max exploiting and not so many convoluted systems that its overwhelming (something I think PoE is guilty of).

    • Me? No, I’d say they are both excellent and I would have trouble saying one is definitely better. Both have solid pluses. TQ was better than both for me, and the only ARPG that I can concretely day passes up Diablo.

  • I don’t have anything to add about Titan Quest, but how cool is that, releasing expansions for games over a decade old? I’ve been playing a lot of AOE2 recently which has gotten 3 expansions over the last 4 years. Great stuff!

  • I don’t usually buy DLC for old games that I wasn’t currently playing. Saw this pop up on the Steam page and instantly got it. Grim Dawn is great also, picked up that DLC at the same time.