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525k Concurrent Users Isn’t Bad…

Fascinating what a bit of internet drama can do for a dying game. 

Fortnite is currently (as of 6:32pm PT on 10/10/2017) the 8th game in terms of Twitch viewership. PUBG currently scoring 77,576 watching and Fortnite 18,890. 

Twitch viewers are hardly a metric to go by since they're dominated by brands in and of themselves -- brands of the streamers playing those games.

Fortnite announced that this past Sunday they achieved 525,000 concurrent users. That's really not bad at all for a game accused of being a copy cat and future thief.

PUBG still remains relatively unreachable. Just looking at these Steam numbers, PUBG secures a huge lead on the concurrent players.

Factor in that PUBG numbers are Steam only (PC) and Fortnite is on PC, Xbox One, and PS4, and you see PUBG has nothing to fear. Compound that with F2P vs. Paid entry, and it's a landslide in PUBG's favor. 

Still, 525k concurrent users. 

Epic has also announced improvements to the Unreal engine for games like these 100 player Battle Royale games -- all of them. A bit of a passive aggresive wink at Bluehole, who previously claimed Epic would keep the tech to themselves and even steal from PUBG's super secret engine tweaks.

I'm still blown away by the numbers. Neither of these games are THAT good.

  • I think a ton of Fortnite players are PUBG people taking a short break from the game until Bluehole updates it again, most notably with performance improvements. Fortnite is much easier to play with a potato PC, and hey, its free! I would not be surprised at all if Fortnite crashes if/when PUBG has a significant performance patch that actually helps.

    • I agree, because I’m the guy playing Fortnite interspersed between PUBG breaks.

      I also agree that if PUBG can improve performance and stop feeling janky, I’d have no reason to play any other Battle Royale currently available.