Dauntless Looks Boring

Dauntless Looks Boring

I was really excited to get home today and watch some of the people streaming Dauntless. Dauntless can now be streamed by people who buy into the really expensive Alpha. I mean really, look at the prices. I’m going to vent about this for a second before I get to my main subject.

Only the $80 pack lets you in today. The other two are September 1. Alpha to closed beta, planned less than a month apart. PLANNED people. This isn’t a real alpha test. This isn’t development. This is marketing. Ugh, it’s a pet peeve of mine. Like they know when they’re leaving alpha in such a prescribed fashion. Then the game goes free-to-play at launch. Really? Come on guys.

Regardless of the scummy pricing model, I was saddened to see that Dauntless looks really boring. I was really hoping for this stylized epic hunting adventure, but it’s in rough shape.

First, it’s so repetitive in animation and gameplay. It’s just wailing constantly on mobs. I watched 4 hours of Twitch (while doing other stuff on my other monitor). If it changes after 4 hours, I’d be shocked. So far everything the streamers are playing looks the same.

Second, the audio sounds bad. Lots of squealing high-pitch mobs and weapons making contact with enemies began to sound like nails on a chalk board. I had to mute the streams to keep watching.

Visually — environmentally — I like the art style. The interface and animations leave much to be desired.

Based on what I saw, this marketing beta backfired big time. I won’t be picking up Dauntless. For being a Monster Hunter-like, I’ll skip and wait for the real thing.

  • I can’t disagree more with the majority of your points. Yes you can buy in to play now for $80, but I can’t stress enough that if what you have read/seen about the game doesn’t interest you, then don’t pay! If you choose to buy in now, you aren’t buying in to play, you are helping fund a developer that you believe in and as a reward you get to play early.

    I am not finding the game boring at all, and I have been playing it with friends since Friday evening. True, I probably wouldn’t get the same enjoyment out of it playing solo, but I am enjoying it a lot. I’ve been waiting for a Monster Hunter style game on PC for a while now, and for me, Phoenix Labs are providing that. It still has bugs, and the UI is rough around the edges, but it I think it shows a lot of promise.

    Not sure what you mean by bad audio? I think the audio is great, the music fits well with the genre, and the sound effects are immersive and provide satisfying combat feedback.

    Your point on interface, I totally agree it needs some work as I said above it is rough around the edges. I don’t think the UI detracts from the gameplay though, only the city hub feels clunky UI wise. I don’t really see a problem with the animations either, the only weirdness I’ve seen is if running back and forward in an unrealistic manner.

    I hope this hasn’t come across as me being salty, because I am definitely not the “fanboy” type who feels compelled to defend the games they play. I am just putting forward the opinion I have of the game in its current state.

    • I appreciate your take.

      I can see and appreciate the side of the argument that says buying into a founders pack is done so to support a developer. I have done that a few times now. Sadly, I think each time bit me in the ass. But that doesn’t change -why- I did it.

      I have also been waiting for a Monster Hunter style game on PC. I feel like so far they’ve only been (truly) on the handheld devices. After watching hours and hours of Dauntless, I’ll be waiting for Monster Hunter World.

  • I have also been playing, since Saturday for me, and I am finding it a lot of fun. I can see where it would be repetitive to watch, but then again so is watching monster hunter or any of that style of game.

    Either way I bought the founders pack to support the development, and I don’t regret it. As Norfen said, there are still bugs and the UI needs work. Not to mention it definitely needs optimized, but it’s still a super fun experience. And to me, the feel of it is very much like monster hunter in the way you fight and pacing of them.

  • I agree with everything you said literally every single fucking thing I’ve seen from dauntless just looks so god damn sub par in comparison to it’s competition in the genre it’s trying to delve into. The game even if it’s to “support the developers” is not fucking worth it. No alpha no matter how much anyone tries to tell you is not fucking worth 80 dollars. You are paying to get a half assed experience, and you have no one else to blame but yourself for falling into a hype train for a game that is clearly nowhere near complete. I have no sympathy for people who lost their money because they fell into a hype train that honestly was completely unwarranted to begin with because of the current quality of the game. Especially now that the game one reset everyone including founders back to the beginning, and two fucking implemented a working real money marketplace FOR AN INCOMPLETE GAME THAT ISN’T EVEN FULLY RELEASED! Look people once any game I don’t give a shit how much money it is or how early in development it is especially if it’s supposed to be free to play, if a game asks you to pay a full price of 60, and in this case with dauntless fucking 80 dollars as a sale price on basically a 100 dollar alpha. That game is released sorry, not sorry if you think I’m wrong but it fucking is. No alpha is worth that much money and I don’t give a shit if anyone thinks otherwise because come the fuck on that much money for a god damn alpha? You can buy a collecters edition for another way better game that gives you much cooler shit for the same price or even less on top of getting a complete game. I don’t understand why people are trying to give dauntless a pass for this blatant bullshit but it’s fucking idiotic cause it makes no god damn sense. All that shit does is allow other devs to get away with the same money hungry, shady practices that are fucking rampant with way too many games these days.