Practicing My Lack of Artistic Skills in Landmark

I have come to the sad realization that I have very, very little actual artistic talent.  I can see an amazing idea vividly in my mind and know exactly how I want it to turn out.  When I go to make it, all that results is horror.

Here’s my attempt at the entrance to Kaladim.  It’s like a toddler was set loose with Legos and a jackhammer.


Then I decided I wanted to make something Sci-fi, so I made the Stargate. It’s still a work in progress, and not nearly as disgusting, but it’s still like I used playdough.


Tools available in Landmark are so powerful when in the right hands.  I’m still wondering if they are truly what the devs use to craft EQ Next, but they have to be close.  I think I spent 8 hours today practicing with the tools.  If you haven’t already, craft the line tool.  It will change your life.

If you want to see real talent you should follow Dave Georgeson on twitter (@DaveGeorgeson).  He tweets his own creations and those he finds.  You can also look at the /r/eqnext subreddit which is full of talented overachievers.

  • something something something you are a sucker for paying for alpha…. something something something SOE is the devil of gaming

    I would be more poetic and negative but alas I am having more fun in EQNL so it will have to wait!

  • Even seeing these creations gets me more interested in this game. I’m curious what kinds of hideous constructs I’ll wind up making when the time comes. If I can somehow do better than a stack of boxes, then mission accomplished! =p

  • Has there been an official code of appropriateness addressing socially questionable creations?

  • …incidentally this is just one of the numerous reasons why the internet is such a marvel.

    I thought to myself what might constitute a “socially questionable creation”? Perhaps combining a universally accepted naughty bit with an architectural world heritage site.

    Not particularly creative on my part, “Penishenge” sprang to mind, and I thought what the hell I’ll type it into Google image search and see if anything returns of interest, maybe a rude cartoon who knows?

    Leave it to the Koreans to turn my perverse imagination into a place of meditation. 😛

  • I think you’re being way too hard on yourself. If I’d made either of those I’d feel pretty pleased with myself.

    As for the line tool, well yes, wouldn’t that be nice? I’m hoping to get to the Smooth tool today or tomorrow. The Line tool would be somewhere out towards the end of next week.

    Also, @Gankatron, I saw my first Landmark penis yesterday. Quite artfully done, in grass texture so it looked like topiary, bizarrely positioned next to two giant frogs. Most people in Alpha seem far more interested in building castles in the air – literally in some cases – but come release it certainly will be a problem. I imagine it will have to be dealt with in the same way as similar outrages in chat are handled in existing games, namely by players reporting them and Customer Service dealing with it. Customer Service in Landmark is going to be an utter nightmare I imagine.

  • @Gankatron: They’ve stated if you make something objectionable they will delete it. The standard rules of a typical MMO agreement apply.

    @Bhagpuss: Seeing these makes me question my abilities. 😉

  • I do not like this whole socially questionable objection talk in a game about creating whatever that comes to mind. Artistic freedom should be allowed in a game like this in my opinion. no limits…

    There will always be someone offended by something.
    Simple solution would be to include a single player portion for those that get offended with ease.

    Oh and.. I liked the cathedral.
    Your stargate was not half bad either Keen from what I can judge from the small picture.

  • @Zyler:

    Although a childless philanderer myself, I agree with you in principle, but that doesn’t mean I care to undermine parental responsibilities for their children; as this is not specifically an adult targeted game, I would rather have anything goes adult servers as a compromise.

    If not, I am willing to suffer a virtual world without artistic representations of colossal sculpted pudenda. :'(

    • The EverQuest brand has to be protected from that kind of stuff. That’s just one of many reasons, but the one I would personally care about the most.

  • With my artistic abilities everything I touch will be socially unacceptable. I hope ‘artistic aid’ doesn’t cost me a mint

  • I liked the stargate :p and from what I hear the dwarven entrance was good too

    you had the same issues in Minecraft tho, you’d build something pretty darn good and then look at someone else’s work and suddenly decide yours was not good enough and give up.
    That’s not how you should be doing things :p Look elsewhere for inspiration to improve yours, but don’t try and compete with artists and modelers