Experimenting – Excuse the Dust!

For the next few hours we will be conducting updates to our site and experimenting with design changes.  The site will be live during these updates, so if something breaks or looks totally bizarre just know that we’re working on it and should have everything stabilized soon.

If we can get the site looking good, we will keep the changes.

Keen and Graev

Update: We’ll continue working tomorrow. Working on it right now.

  • This is a cleaner look. I approve.

    btw your page header picture is only clickable on the part with the red axeman, nowhere else for me.

  • …maybe the background could be toned down to an off-white as it I am now suffering from snow-blindness after writing my last post! 😛

  • @Gankatron: Thanks Gankatron! The header image being clickable in only one location is indeed an issue I’ve been trying to resolve. I know how, but it’s in the queue of things to do.

    I moved the site from an old, out of date theme that can’t take on any of the new features WordPress has to offer, over to an extremely powerful theme framework that will be updated and capable of giving us all the tools we want to develop custom pages and utilize wordpress’ updates.

    Still LOTS to do (including fixing this stupid sidebar)

    Edit: Toned down the background slightly. Thoughts?

  • It is much nicer to look at now, it actually hurt my eyes a bit before, plus a variation in tones is more interesting.

  • The font size is ok now thanks, but the background color.
    The gray like color.. its almost like its 2 colors that alternate every millisecond.. gray and white.
    Slightly annoying on my eyes.

    (I’m the kind of person that can not stand slow light either.. it flickers for me)

  • @Zyler: It’s the default color that the framework was designed for. Personally, I don’t have trouble reading it, but I know that no two monitors are exactly alike. Brightness settings on top of everyone’s perception of color can be different.

    If others can weigh in with their thoughts on the colors that would be great. If it’s too light or too dark I can change it.

  • Its probably fine and its me… Im tired. Could be my eyes.
    Dont worrie about it. I’m happy with the font.


  • For there to be an edit function you have to log in somehow. Due to our volume of visitors, I don’t want have thousands of accounts registered. I’m also not a fan of the Disqus or comment plugins. I find them annoying, and ultimately the reason why I don’t comment on many sites.

    I want people to put their name, message, and simply have to press ‘Post Comment’. Low friction is my philosophy.

    If there was a way to let people edit while keeping everything the same, I’d jump on it.

  • Don’t have much to add besides the fact I really like the new look as is. Very Clean.

  • @Raistiff: Thanks! That’s what we’re going for: Really clean, lots of nice space, easy to read and find what you want.

    What bugs me right now is in the comment box while typing out a comment the text is really light. I’m trying to locate where it’s being referenced in the CSS.

  • This is nitpicky fine tuning:

    Although I like the grey over the previous blinding white, I bet a lighter shade of gray or light papyrus would contrast the commentary lettering a bit better.

    Also a thicker font might help to contrast the commentary lettering; some of the intrinsic “bold” font styles might be helpful.


  • @Gankatron: I just have to figure out how the fonts are being referenced in the stylesheet and I can start experimenting.

  • Rats. It’s tied to the same font used in the body text of the blog posts. Adjusting one adjusts the other, and I’m not talented enough to create a separate entry for both.

    I could make the grey BG lighter, but I love the contrast. Hmm.

  • Wouldn’t making the grey background lighter increase the contrast? (it is sort of a rhetorical question)

  • @Gankatron: Lighter grey = closer to white, right? Closer to the whole thing being white = less contrast.

  • I mean relative to the black typeface.

    Making the background lighter increases contrast in comparison to black type, but too bright makes me want to look away.

    Finding the right balance is a matter of preference; I would lighten up the background just prior to the point where it becomes uncomfortable to view in order to maximize readability.

  • …but again if you can adjust the font set you might be able to enhance readability and yet conserve the current relatively visually soothing background.

    Some fonts will likely be intrinsically more readable (Cooper Black, Berlin Sans Demi, Arial Black, Franklin Gothic Heavy).

    As always each statement expressed carries the unconditional Gankatron “in my opinion” disclaimer…

  • 3 things:
    1) A preview capability would be nice; it works well in lieu of full edit capability, and does not require accounts.
    2) I think the “Comments” link should be after the article (as it was before); now if a particular article is long and I want to view comments (as I usually do), I have to scroll back up to find the link.
    3) Comment edit boxes’ font color is too light.

    Other than that, looks nice!

  • @Gankatron: I’ll see if I can change the font set. It’s pulling one from Google.

    @Xenevore: I completely agree with the comment box font being too light. I’m trying to figure that one out. I also agree with you about a way to get to the comments at the bottom of a post. I’ll make that happen. I’m not certain how to do a preview, though.

    Update: Comment box font fixed. I’m working on finding a more readable font, or adjusting the current font to be more readable.

    Update #2: Font is more readable on gray background and in-post. Reply link added to bottom of posts.

  • Much better, both font choice and color. Thanks! (Still hoping to see preview capability and Comments link at bottom.)

  • Comments link has been added to the bottom of each post. You can see it in the ‘meta’ section where it lists the tags and categories. Bottom right “Leave a Comment”.

    Comment Preview is technically there while you type. I’m not sure how to add one otherwise. 🙁