Conglomoblog: Old School MMO Madness

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Project 1999
KGC in Crushbone camping the Orc Trainer.

I’m in one of those phases where I’m enjoying a spread of titles.  There isn’t a ‘new’ MMO out capable of holding my attention right now.  I’m still enjoying UO, and I craft/stock my vendors every day, but that’s slowly fading out.  Our community is waiting on SWGEmu to finally be out of beta, wipe, and launch.  About six members of our guild are already dedicating themselves to playing in beta to learn the game a bit more.  I’m anxious to jump in and experience the crafting and hunting in a galaxy far, far, away — again.

Most of my time these past few days has been going to EverQuest Project 1999.  Several of us have the EQ itch, so we created an awesome group to play together.  I’m a Dwarf Paladin, and we have a cleric, druid, enchanter, and a monk (who may be a rogue or wizard or something else).  We’ve been spending most of our time in Crushbone hunting orcs simply because there are so many people there with groups and people buffing.  P99 in general is constantly abuzz with players — something like 800 people on every night, and it feels like more than when the game was actually in the launch era.

Something keeps bringing me back to these games.  Something I can’t find anywhere else.  They’re not perfect — heck, playing EQ I had to laugh tonight at some of the totally outrageous issues we didn’t even realize existed back in the day.  I’ll post tomorrow outlining one of the main reasons why EQ is so appealing despite its old school issues.

  • I always wonder if these games would be able to hold people who have no experience with them. Even for people who know old MMOs, just dont know that specific one.

  • @ Wufiavelli

    For me they do not. While I am the same age as many that played EQ, I did not have a gaming PC at the time and never played it. When I recently tried it out, it did not grab me at all. I actually envy the people that did play it at it’s height, and can still enjoy it, but it does nothing for me.

  • I’ll write about this more tomorrow, but I have no doubt it’s hard for someone who never played EQ to step in fresh and ‘get it’. EQ is simply too old for most people to get past its flaws we didn’t know were flaws back in the day.

    Despite the difficulty, I’m currently playing with two people who never once tried EQ in its original form, but I think they’re having a great time.

  • I never played SWG, for some reason it didn’t pull me away from EQ, while other games like DAOC and AO did for a short time. I think I will have to try it if it is done right, because it sounds like the EQ alternative I would have enjoyed the most.

  • @Jenks: The best way I can describe SWG is to compare it to UO. Take every aspect of UO and magnify it by 10. It’s worth a try if a sandbox game set in the Star Wars setting sounds fun to you.

  • SWG was the one MMO I’ve always wanted to play, but I never had the opportunity when it was active, and then when I finally could they changed it so much and had announced it was shutting down. I am really excited for the SWGEmu project, and even more excited now that I know the K&G Community is going to be playing it.

  • Yeah already planning on it. Just waiting for the game to wipe and launch. Although I’m thinking of logging in this week and fiddling about, because I know nothing about really how to play. Looking forward to it though.

  • I been poking around in SWGemu, can’t wait till it goes live. It’s hard to get seriously invested knowing everything will be wiped eventually but I have a master artisan with some moderate pistol skills. I miss the old days of swg. Had they not tried to turn it into wow I would of never left but the drastic changes basically sealed the deal for me to go join my friends in wow. SWGemu will give me the chance to try things I never got a chance to in the original like creature handler and bio engineer. Glad to see your community has some interest, I will definitely have to join you guys. Guess its time to register on your forums. I assume that’s where you would coordinate when the time comes?

  • @Trippin Ninja: We are already deep into the coordination process. Visit our forums, register, visit the Recruitment Board and follow the instructions from there. Hope to have you join us!

  • Please please make a blog post when the community is about to kick into SWGEmu. Ive been following that project since its inception, and it has been a long time coming.

    I check up on it about twice a year, but if its going live I want to be right there with you guys. SWG is my favorite MMO of all that I have played. As a child it inspired me to dream about what MMOs would be like in the future. Its been a disappointing decade.

  • @Sightless: Our community already has a group playing in the beta. We’ve begun discussing our plans in detail (which faction, which city, who is crafting, who is pvping, where we’ll build a city, etc).

    We’re not like every guild or community out there. We require you to apply to join our community guild which represents those of us in the Keen and Graev Community who want to form guilds and play games together.

    Once you join the KGC Guild, you can join official chapters we create for different games (SWGEmu being one of them).

    Visit our recruitment board and read all of the stickies, then apply when you are ready.

  • Im pretty sure I played with you guys in something some time back. I just don’t recall what.

  • If you haven’t played with us in a while you’ll need to app to the new and improved KGC guild. We have changed significantly over the last year.