Summer Drought Marathon starts tomorrow!

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A lot of people have asked us lately when we’re going to do more videos of games.  For many of you, that’s how you found our blog.   We love trying new things and we hate summer droughts, so we have come up with an idea to combine the two and bring you all tons of video footage as well as a way to pass through this nasty summer drought in gaming.  We have a fairly large backlog of old games, a decent selection of year old to new games that we’re going to be playing through, and we’re going to be live streaming all of it to you!

Where can you watch the stream?  We really like the quality at and since they’ve recently started a gaming section called, you can watch it all at (or or simply watch it here embedded on the blog.

The streaming starts tomorrow morning at 10am PST with Aragorn’s Quest, a game we have wanted to play together for many months. Join us as we play through! We’ll be setting up mics to respond to you guys so hop on ventrilo or type to us in the chat console that will be embedded right into the blog post. This won’t be a 24/7 marathon but it will be every day and it will be a ton of games you may have never seen or played before. We hope you’ll join us!