Merry Christmas 2010 from Keen and Graev

Merry Christmas everyone!  We hope that you got lot of phat loot and had a relaxing day.

Christmas dinner is almost on the table and our gifts are long since opened and enjoyed.  Christmas 2010 is coming to a close, but the year still has one more important week of gaming and blogging!  Our activity here on the blog is a bit slow because of our intense enjoyment of the vacation at home, but check back all week as we evaluate the year, the decade, and share some insights accumulated over the past couple of weeks.

Our haul this year was excellent with many console games, some hardware like Playstation Move which we will talk about soon, some movies, and more. We’ll fill you guys in on the details during the coming week’s entries.

  • Merry X-Mas Fellers,

    I’ll see you all in game soon. Have a great Holiday with your families.