Note: Finals week, sorry for the silence, and summer!

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Just a heads up for our valued readers: I’ll be busy for the next week preparing for final exams and then my journey home for the summer. I will be around but I want both those in our gaming guilds and our readership to know why it has been quiet (and why I’ve been scarce until late at night) and why it will probably stay a tad quiet until next Friday.

Summer is just about here!  I’m so excited to have 4.5 months to do nothing but chill and play games.  There are a lot of great games ocming this summer, a lot I have in my backlog (first ever backlog!) and a lot coming this Fall for us to get excited about.  It should be a great summer and hope that you’ll enjoy reading what we have to say over the next few months.


  • Enjoy the summers while you can. You will have plenty of time to work once school ends. One of the things I would do over is cut down the amount I worked while in college.

  • Let’s just say the backlog probably won’t get any smaller as you age- enjoy yourself while you can (speaking from a whisker before 40)

  • Damn, I miss those days of having all summer to relax. Enjoy your summer, enjoy your youth, and take advantage of all your free time do what you like best. Enjoy it while it lasts. 🙂

  • Use and abuse those 4.5months while you can… adult life catches up fast, and then you can’t afford that kind of break anymore 🙂