What do D&D Online and Babies”R”Us have in common?

They both won’t stop spamming my inbox.

Turbine has to be the worst spam offender of any MMO company out there with Funcom coming in a very close second.  LotRO was already appearing in my inbox with free trials.  Now I’ll have their LotRO Store savings offers to go right along with those AoC free trails and the free shipping on diapers.

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winter - July 20, 2010

Unsubscribe? Is that too difficult? I guess it would be one less thing to whine about though…

Or just delete the emails like you delete all my posts. Blog going off my book marks list. Too much whine whine, not enough intelligent content.

Dblade - July 20, 2010

That’s a downside of F2P. Since item store sales drive revenue, it makes sense for them to offer sales. Spam sucks, but it’s better than some approaches; Fiesta does a global in-game shout advertisement every 2 hours or so advertising the current sale.

Turbine let you opt out, as winter said?

Russell Gusto - July 20, 2010

I found it rather witty winter, perhaps you are the grumpy one?

heartlessgamer - July 20, 2010

LOL spam.

Keen - July 20, 2010

I finally got Toys”R”us to go to the spam folder after un-subscribing didn’t work. Babies”R”Us won’t stop regardless and I get 2-3 from them a day. I’ve tried a few times with the D&D Online without success to unsub. LotRO’s though I don’t mind as I want to actually follow the game.

I’m thinking it’s tied to the fact that I willingly take the LotRO ones.


Bye bye!

Rindan - July 20, 2010

I get offers to return to Aion in French. Odd thing is I only played the beta & am not French.

Rybnik - July 21, 2010

I get tons more spam from games like AION, and WAR than I do from DDO. MY #1 non gaming related spam company award would probably go to Amazon.com.

Bhagpuss - July 21, 2010

What is “Babies “R” Us” ?

Keen - July 21, 2010

Aion stopped spamming me. It’s weird because it happened along the same time that I got one of those emails saying that my account was hacked. I dismissed it thinking it was a phishing email.

WAR sends me their monthly newsletter, but I want to read that.

@Bhagpuss: Babies”R”Us is a Baby stuff store. They sell baby related things. It’s owned by Toys”R”Us which is a major toy store here in the United States.

Gaiseric - July 21, 2010

Sorry Keen if i’m out of line but winter you are a Dbag. That is all

Xenovore - July 26, 2010

winter, you will not be missed.

St.Pierre - July 28, 2010

YES! this is exactly why i hate DDO.

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