We have arrived at E3 – Freight, middled aged xbox chix, and $4 water

We are here!  It took us about 50 minutes to get to L.A. and another 20 minutes to find the West Hall of the Convention Center.  We uh… got lost.  Yeah.  Horror stories of 1 way streets and construction during the end of the work-day traffic in downtown L.A..  The thought crossed my mind to ask for directions but that was quickly met with Graev’s panic’d cries of “No!  Don’t roll down the windows or we’ll get shot!”  Basically L.A. sucks. 

The Hotel is really nice though.  I was expecting the standard Marriott hotel but this one is the ritz compared to the norm.  The parking is Valet only … *sigh* $17.00 a night with unlimited in and out access.  WTF?  The hotel is already $199 a night.   Yeah, I’m a total tightwad.   It was a little embarassing stepping out of the car with all the Chick-Fil-A trash (hey, we got hungry on the way over) but I don’t think I’ll ever be seeing these valets again in my life… as least I hope not.  I didn’t tip either… does that make me a scrooge?  At $17.00 a night – no tip for you!

Getting our press badges went pretty well.  We only entered the Convention center from the Freight and Cargo entrance and had to find our way from the back to the front of the place.  The line was short at the Media section but the Exhibitor line had several people waiting.  We got our badges (which look spiffy with pen holders and a little pouch) and then booked it to the Hotel. 

On the way up to our room we passed 3 people with badges from Nintendo America (total geek moment for Graev) and shared an elevator with some lady who said she was “with Xbox” and would “cya later”.  Heh heh, the middle aged Xbox chick totally digs us.

Well, it’s time to figure out what we’re going to do for dinner.  The hotel seems to have a nice restaurant but I’m afraid of paying $700 for a Diet coke…  WIsh us luck.


  • Middle aged chicks and Diet Coke – woot!

    Keep up the good work! Wish I was there with you guys.

  • Added a video. 😀 This hotel has fast upload speed…. I expect nothing less for the $30 added price!! *goes insane*

  • Most people shot and killed while in their vehicle had the windows up.
    Just a fun fact to make your time in LA that much more enjoyable!

  • my fav part was at the end of the video when someone asked how to turn the camera off …..

  • while i’m jealous i don’t get to go to E3, i’d like to gloat i just got an email from EAMythic starting with

    Prepare to join the WAAAGH!

  • lol “how do I stop it” haha

    good stuff cant wait to see e3 stuff!

    Also where did you get that mic? and how much?

  • Be glad you never have to be a valet/parking assistant. You are under the impression that the valets must make $17 each off every car they park. Yeah, keep thinking that. While you’re at it. I sincerely hope your career in gaming becomes a reality. God forbid you have to ever get a job whose bulk of income is based off tips.

    Here’s a tip; dont book at the Ritz-Carlton if you cant even afford to tip a doorman or room service. You book where you can afford which means everything that goes with being there moron. If you didnt want to tip anyone, then book at some cheapo roach motel. Oh wait, you’d have to grab a cab – and complain about tips again.

  • I’m serious about my first post. Banke you have a point but is name calling really necessary? Yes tips are usually given out of pity but did they ever say they couldn’t afford to tip?

  • @Banke: Wow… troll somewhere else bud or at the very least educate yourself in the subject matter that you preach. Gratuity is automatically charged 20% to all bills and the employees are told to refuse tips.