PotBS Day 1

Ahh finally. The game has officially begun! Yesterday was the first official “full retail release” for Pirates of the Burning Sea. It has been a really tough wait the past few weeks. When the pre-boarding (early start) began I was excited but that enthusiasm was met with very unappealing gameplay. The game began to lack purpose and I had thoughts of possibly skipping over the game completely. It wasn’t until yesterday that I had my faith restored in the game by two simple words…. Red Circles.

The lifeblood of PotBS. The very soul of this game. Red Circles are the basis of all my enjoyment. Am I crazy? Rusty, CEO of FLS, had this to say on the Official Message boards when I commented that the game had been very different without my beloved Red Circles:

“Yeah. A lot of elements rotate around it, even if you don’t participate in PvP and you definitely notice it when it’s not there. I’m glad we’re able to turn on contention again.” – Rusty, CEO FLS, in response to my post here.

Red Circles are the central focus of almost every element of gameplay in PotBS. Yesterday they proved their worth.

I began yesterday by logging in to the game and forming a group with my society. We decided that we wanted to contest Principe and Irish Point so we sailed down towards Tortuga. A few other societies such as the Macabre and Emerald had also planned to cause havoc down near Tortuga. It wasn’t long before several ports began showing contention all over the Caribbean. The French’s first target was Nassau, the Spanish went after Belize and Turtling Bay, and the English went for Spanish Town. It was clear that our choice of ports would disrupt the ship building of the Spanish by taking Principe’s zinc. Irish point was more of a “why not” deal. Things started out very quickly as the Spanish turned in all their small arms and nearly bumped Belize to 5,000 within the first 2 hours. We Pirates turned Principe into the first Pirate PvP location on the map and the Spanish soon followed with both their ports. Nassau (which happens to be right on top of the first 3 pirate points) was put into contention thus making all of our newbies vulnerable to attack…. those darn French.

My group decided that we would forgo doing any quests and would simply grind convoys near enemy ports. I went from level 21-28 yesterday but spent a good deal of time playing – probably more than I would have liked to on a normal day. Overall though it was a great deal of fun sinking ships with friends and watching our time spent actually mean something. It wasn’t frivolous grinding anymore. It wasn’t meaningless pvp leading to meaningless losses. It felt important and it was. We had set into motion the future of our server. It felt good.

Below are some screenshots of the first few hours on day 1. By the end of the day a great deal of full on port contention was everywhere.

portcontentionday1 piratepvpday1

  • […] So rather than risk my hard earned ship in a gank fest, I decided I’d just spend some time harrassing Spanish shipping outside Havana and getting a bit of fighting experience in my new ship.  I managed to bring port contention in Havana up to a total of 5 (10,000 required to trigger a full PvP zone) all by my lonesome.  Heh, go me, that’s sticking it to the man.  All in all, I’ve got to echo Keen’s sentiments that having port contention turned back on really adds back the excitement that the pre-order game was lacking.  Looking forward to hooking up with my society mates and doing a little hunting. […]

  • Hey man, I have a pirate on Rack server. Was wondering what society you are in, or if you could recommend a good one or two to check out. Would like to do the pvp stuff, some light manufacturing and the like. Got interested in the game from your blog. You have been pretty spot on with my feelings in other games, figure if you think this one is decent I will give it a whirl.

    Thanks guy.

  • I’m in Wolves of Tortuga. We’re a society of about 20-30 active an have about 12-15 people on during prime time. Our goal is PvP overall but we have several people working on the manufacturing side of things.

    Other Societies that I recommend: The Macabre, The Black Hand, HoA, Emerald (dream or eye or Emerald something). I have friends in all of those and they are all strong active societies working together.

    I hope you enjoy the game! If you have any questions feel free to ask.

  • have to roll out my pirate on rak as well, currently running privateer on blackbeard but a pirates life is always calling. Will chk out those societies as well as going to need a good late night est society to run with ….

  • just curious do pirates make money ?? as a privateer i can make several thousand doubloons an hour just by grinding on npcs. or am i missing a skill or two that enable pirates to make money if they choose not to craft …

  • Pirates don’t make as much as other nations, but they don’t spend as much, either. Just need to buy ammo — your ships are free.


    Is your society recruiting? I’m in need of one. Would be willing to switch servers to get a good one. Currently on Blackbeard.