EQ2 feels like New York City

gnobby in nycPlaying EQ2 has given me some new insight into MMORPGs. Starting the game up again so late in the game’s life is not a real easy task. Nearly everyone around me has mastercrafted gear because their main characters are fueling them with tons of platinum and rares while I am wearing quest rewards back from level 10 at level 29. I do technically have 6 plat banked because it was given to me randomly by someone quitting the game but I am not really interested in using it until I find a character that I want to stick with until 80. I do not have a guild and I really have made no real friends yet in the game. It seems the pug’s I am forced to join if I want a group are full of very non social people or I get lucky and snag the last spot in a group where everyone knows each other and they seem to not need another in their click. I’m a personable player when I group and I have never really had any trouble making friends.

EQ2 has been a somewhat different experience for me though because it seems everyone is doing their own thing. The game is old enough at this point that fewer new players in my predicament are playing. EQ2 feels like New York City – how easy is it going to be to stop someone you see and become their friend? Chances are you either have to become so familiar with them after seeing each other in your daily routine that eventually one of you says Hi or you truly can go the rest of your days without talking to a single person. So that’s what I’m doing right now. I’m getting into as many groups as I can and I am adding the good and friendly players to my friends list for future reference. I’m noting their guild names and play styles so that when the time comes and I get an offer or I apply to join a guild I will have done my homework.

One thing that is constantly bugging me right now though is that I might never break into the raiding scene in EQ2. I’m no longer a “hardcore raider” by WoW’s definition but I do enjoy raids a few times a week in places that are fun. I like getting loot and I like to have my character look neat. In EQ2 most of the ‘neat’ looking armor comes from raids. I’m met with challenges around every corner though. I want to raid but finding a guild for a newer player aspiring to raid is next to impossible. Many guilds are full or have all the raiders they need. If I want to get lucky and have even the most minuscule chance of raiding then I need to make a class that is more rare than others at the top level – which usually means they are harder to level. I’m not really complaining though and hopefully you can infer my tone here is one of “it is how it is”.

With Kunark on the way I will have a rare opportunity. Many new and returning players will be creating alts to start their adventure in EQ2. Veteran players will also be more likely to roll new alts when Kunark comes out to experience the lowbie Sarnaks. Since I plan to play a Sarnak I am going to need to find an ‘in’ here with the community in order to ride the wave. As I said in a previous post this week I am trying to decide now which character appeals to me most. A Sarnak Bruiser sounds really fun but I have this dreadful feeling that I will be haunted with that decision forever given the current state of the game. According to what I have read Bruisers are a great solo class but at the top level there really is no defining role for this class. They aren’t wanted as tanks and they can’t even begin to compare to scout or mage dps. A Shadowknight also sounds fun but I fear more of the same. Maybe I’ll make a Dirge or a Necromancer in order to fit in with the crowd. I still have a week to decide.

I know several of you out there play EQ2 and might be able to understand where I am coming from. Any advice on how to blend with the EQ2 community and culture? Should I be more proactive in my search for a guild and make the first move? Should I give in and make a class that is wanted most later on? I’m on the Antonia Bayle server mainly because it has the highest PvE population. I have 6plat and a bunch of rares that are also a bonus for staying here but I’m not 100% tied down. Maybe I’m on the wrong server.

Regardless of the difficulties that come with EQ2 being an older game I am still having so much fun. It’s a fantastic game and I just need to find a way to take advantage of all it has to offer.

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Tipa - November 7, 2007

Well, you coulda joined Lishian’s guild 🙂

Not all neat looking armor is from raids. Most of the appearance armor I wear is just random stuff, and a lot of it has both good stats and unique looks. You can get the entire legendary EoF set, which has unique graphics, without doing even one raid ever.

As far as which class to play — play whatever you like. If you want to play a FotM class, go for it. Be better at it than the other ones and you’ll be the one they pick.

Being a Sarnak will only get you so far. 99% of the people who start Sarnaks will abandon them and return to their mains, and there’s a certain cachet in being unique. If you always want a group, I’d recommend a tank class, but you won’t get into raids as one. Healers are nearly always needed, but you’d know if you were a healer type already. Scouts of all types are pretty common. Coercers are hotly desired for raids, but not so much for groups.

All classes can solo, if well-played. A necro is nearly always easy (I played one to 67) and is very much wanted in raids. Of course, there can be quite a few lurking about, and solo classes are the most often created for a new race.

What you’re really looking for is the social. I would strongly urge you to join a guild. Use the recruiting tool to find one that looks right for you, then talk with their recruiter — it’s only a click away.

MMOs cannot be played alone, not even WoW. You always need people that you can have fun with. Not everyone will be old hands twinking alts. There are always a bunch of new people, but new people always become old people eventually. The low end game is not dead, but it may not be where you are (I don’t know where you are, nor am I familiar with the community of AB).

So: Join a guild and be active and vocal in it. When people form groups, ask to be included. If the guild isn’t for you, join another. Soon it will all click and you’ll be on your way.

Keen - November 7, 2007

I tried the PvP server but for some reason it just didn’t click for me. Had it felt right I would not be in this predicament since Lishian’s guild would have been ideal for me.

A Sarnak Shadowknight is the top pick for me I think right now with the Dirge/Necro/Bruiser all tied for second. This shouldn’t be as difficult a choice as I’m making it – not sure what’s wrong with me!

Tipa - November 7, 2007

I have a 53 SK. I have pretty much every class to some level. Except dirges. They are anathema. SK is a great class with great soloability. I asked my guild about the lack of SKs at high levels, and they said they were great, there was no reason not to have them… there just aren’t that many, and though there are more paladins (and remember, Sarnak can betray to become all the good classes), the general rule is if you want to be a tank, choose berserker or guardian. You will do well in groups — very well — but pickup raids may be closed to you (though of course being in a guild would give you a spot and a chance to show the doubters just how well SKs tank).

Keen - November 7, 2007

Awesome! I think I am going to give the SK a real shot then. If it doesn’t work out I can always start a new character. Next mission… find myself a guild!

Aspendawn - November 7, 2007

Come to the other roleplay server, Lucan D’Lere! Not as crowded as AB but definitely a good population and very nice people. I do think you need to be proactive though and find a guild. I put it off a couple months and spent a lot of time looking at those advertising on the recruit tab as well as web pages, and then doing /who all “guild” on occasion to get an idea of how many were on when I was. Finally, I found a good fit for me.

While there are plenty of pickup groups going on, many people like sticking to their guilds for grouping. It will really go a long way in making you feel part of the community. Another advantage is many guilds have crafters, so if you are able to harvest all the required components, you should be able to get yourself outfitted well. Heck, you can even find crafters in the crafting channel who will make armor for you very cheaply. The broker is not always the best place to get crafted armor.

And as far as your class, honestly just play what you enjoy or you will be losing interest in playing. If you do want to try out Lucan just to see if it “feels” any different, send Kirielle a tell or drop me a mail message. She’s level 70 and only has 18pp so don’t feel so bad!

Chestone - November 7, 2007

I am in a similar situation as you, I have a 37 Wiz on AB and have very few friends and no guild. It is kind of strange being on the highest pop server and still feeling so lonely. Anyways friend me if you want I’ve been kinda busy with classes lately but I usually play EST evenings. Now that you mention it though I might just reroll when RoK comes out, as the wizard class really hasn’t impressed me that much.

Lishian - November 7, 2007

Press U. Find a guild description that seems to describe what you are looking for, then try them out for a few weeks. If they don’t work out, wash, rinse and repeat.

Razak - November 7, 2007

I do think that at this point in the game people are stuck in their little circles… even though our LFG feature is really good since the revamp, almost no one uses it on my server (Mistmoore) so it is hard to get out of your circle. Even those that do use it are generally the same people so you essentially create your own LFG circle, it is weird. I personally like using LFG because it allows me to meet new people but even I tend to stick to myself half the time and just do my own thing.

As far as raiding though… I think it is fairly easy to get into raiding regardless of your time, as long as you can find a decent raiding alliance… it’ll likely be alliance or a large guild, cause with casual you need more people on the rotation than a leet guild. But I’m personally part of two alliances, one that covers my early morning & midday weekend needs (unfortunately DKP) and one that is NBG but covers weekday and weekend evenings. And I don’t think this is abnormal, it’s really just a matter of finding one that works for you, many alliances let pretty much anyone in as long as you don’t abuse systems or are an arse (NBG alliances are nearly impossible to get in alone).

Lazaretto - November 8, 2007

Come to Nagafen. Let the Sarnak unleash his fury.

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