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eq halloween 1 shadowI’ve been really struggling to find that inner muse lately. There seems to be a lull in the MMO community and with my own recent departure from MMORPGs that doesn’t help. As I said a few nights ago I resubbed to Everquest 2. With nothing to lose, Kunark coming November 13th, and a general like the game have all contributed to my gradual ease back into MMOs on a very casual scale. I’m dedicating at most a few hours a day or less yet I’m having an enormous amount of fun! My character choices are still swirling in my head especially with the Sarnak’s being playable when Kunark is released. I’ve created a character on two different servers right now as I decide what I would like to play around on for the next couple of weeks. My “main” character has been a Gnome Conjuror named Gnobby on the Antonia Bayle Server. I feel like a complete noob and for once that’s really nice. Ignorance is bliss because half the magic comes from not knowing what’s out there.

Aside from working my way slowly through all the Greater Faydark quests (I’m actually reading them…) there’s been a few events worth mentioning. Last night in the level 10-19 chat channel someone randomly asked if anyone was new to the game. I replied that I am back in the game after playing on and off for a very brief time and that I was basically new. He told me to meet him at the Thundering Steppes docks because he had something for me. When I finally made my way there (after dying 3 times in Butcherblock mountains… not friendly for a level 13) I was greeted with a trade window full of items. This kind gentleman gave me 5 platinum, 5 28 Slot boxes, a bunch of harvested rares, a few house items, and a few bags. After I picked my jaw up off the floor I asked why he was giving me all his things and he replied that he had not been playing on the server for months since he was on the PvP server now. I thanked him and he logged off. So about 30 minutes later as I crawled 500lbs over weight to my inn room I decided that I am going to save all this money for my Sarnak and only use the boxes on this guy.

This morning I logged in and wanted to run a few of the Halloween quests that were apparently in North Qeynos. Really unsure of how to get there I asked kindly in the OOC channel where I was immediately messaged by 5 or 6 people offering their help whether it be teleports or clearing the way to the docks as an escort. I sorted things out and had a Wizard bring me to Antonica where I hopped a Gryphon to Qeynos. After talking with the Wizard and his friends in the group I was invited to join a little half-way guild that basically specialized in helping newer players with quests, questions, and really overall a kind group of helpful people. I accepted. I was also offered information on a helpful channel where I can ask questions about anything to a large playerbase of more helpful players. These aren’t isolated incidents. It seems like there are helpful people everywhere I look. It’s not all this way I’m sure – There are people who won’t give anyone the time of day at all but I shrug it off.

After getting the helpful knowledge hookup I made my way into Qeynos to do the Trick-or-Treating and Haunted house events. The Trick-or-Treating began in North Qeynos by talking to a goblin who asked for candy. He had me run around to NPCs all over Qeynos shouting “Trick-or-Treat!”. NPCs would then randomly give a type of candy. After 10 minutes your time is up and you have to give the candy to the goblin. Part of the mini-game is that you need to find the kinds he wants and not the kinds he doesn’t. Depending on how well you do you can earn 3 different tiers of rewards. Being the collector that I am I decided to earn a prize from each tier and it turns out they are masks. (See Screenshots below) I also decided to go to the Haunted House where you solve puzzles and free the spirits of a family that lived there. At the end you find out what was truly haunting them and you get another prize. (more masks!)

Overall, EQ2 has been a blast so far and I’m looking forward to playing at a very casual pace. I’m enjoying the game, the community, and can’t stop beating myself up for not staying with this one years ago. That’s part of life I guess. Hopefully I can shake this regret and enjoy the game now. 🙂

Below are screenshots of my masks and general Halloween pictures from around Norrath.

eq halloween 5 eq halloween 4 eq halloween 3 eq halloween 2

  • AB has definitely been one of the most helpful servers I have ever played on and I am extremely glad I made my home here as well. I didn’t get a chance to do the Halloween quests as of yet because our group is working on a line of quests called D’Morte in Nektulos but now that I see that mask on the left I may have to check it out tonight.
    Thanks Keen!

  • Tipa says:

    Try /cutemode 🙂

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