Raise those sails full mast me hearties!

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It’s time to start building more hype for Pirates of the Burning Sea! With what would be only two months left until release my anticipation for PotBS is growing steadily every day. I am finding myself less and less interested in the current games I am playing and the big reason looming in the back of my mind is the impending release of what I feel will be the greatest MMO of 2007 and by far the most unique we have seen yet.

PotBS So to start things off I thought I would share with you all a little announcement. I have joined the Pirates of the Burning Sea Vault Staff over at the IGN Vault Network! I look forward to the great times I will have on yet another Vault as I work with the other staff members to bring this community what I hope will be a great resource and community unto itself.

So I asked myself what better way to start building hype than to share with you all things that get me hyped?

*Without question the best PotBS video interview is the one over at Gamespot. This Pirates of the Burning Sea Stage Demo features an interview with Russel Williams CEO of Flying Labs Software. It answers many questions about game mechanics, land and sea combat, economy, and much more. This video alone must have answered over a dozen questions.

*Today Tobold blogged his PotBS preview and he included a great description of the crafting/economy system. As you all know, or hopefully know because this is one of the best parts of PotBS, the entire world economy is player driven. To quote FLS on their own system, “If you can dream it, you can build it”.

Since I can’t possibly think of a better way to put it here’s what Tobold had to say on the crafting and economy: “Of huge interest to me is the fact that PotBS will have a completely player-run economy. Every player has 10 plots on which he can place various production buildings. Some gather raw materials, like wood or iron, some make intermediate goods like nails or ship masts, and at the top of the pyramid there are shipyards making ships. The trick is that to build one ship you need far more than 10 different manufactured and raw goods, thus you can’t have a complete production chain on your own. If you are shipbuilder, you buy intermediate goods from players who themselves buy raw materials from other players. If they manage to balance this right, this could be very exciting. The website also mentions local and regional auction houses with profit to be made by trading, buying cheap where the goods are produced and transporting them to where they are needed. This is getting better and better. This is like EVE without the boring asteroid mining!”

*I’m a sucker for Dev chats. The latest FLS dev chat comes to us from Booty Island Radio and it features plenty of fantastic information. From Languages, plans for expansion packs, to customization this is another great resource for those of you out there wanting to know more.

*And lastly, how can any of you plan to play or let even get hyped for Pirates of the Burning Sea without knowing your Pirate Lingo?! Avast ye landlubbers n’yer normal speakin’ voices! Get to studying maties!

I hope you are all as excited about PotBS as I am!

  • *Raises hand*.

    I was in Dublin Ohio today, at the Irish Festival. Flogging Molly was there. Queen Anne’s Revenge… I saw that ship, or the believed to be remains of it, in Beaufort, NC during my Honeymoon.

    It was commandeered and sailed by Blackbeard, not long before he was finally hunted down and killed by multiple gun shots and slices and stabs.

    Aye, I be looking forward to that end as a Pirate, lad. I be hungerin’ to go down with my ship. I be hungerin’ to rest in the deeps of Davey Jones’ locker. I’ll be right there beside you, working as only Pirates can… unfairly. 🙂

    Sorry for the ramble, full of beer from the festival. 🙂