I might not be so keen on the champion after all…

Well LOTRO has been out now for a few weeks now and I am finding myself at a crossroads.  I really enjoyed my champion from day one of closed beta.  He really felt like he moved at a quicker pace than any of the other classes and things just flowed well with him.  Before I left on the trip to NYC I started having second thoughts about which class I could actually see myself playing in the long run.  During closed beta I had a really great hobbit burglar who I enjoyed and I’ve been thinking about returning to that class.

I’m not sure if it was the week long break from the game that got me thinking or if it’s the fact that I am now extremely behind the leveling curve that’s caused me to find myself staring at a blur of a billion other champions and not ‘feeling it’.  I really enjoy the aspects of the Burglar class and how they are much deeper than the champion.  Burglars control the battles in later levels and require more skill than simply targeting whatever the tank is on and pressing buttons.  Burglars have to constantly watch adds, healers HP, tanks hp, and so much more.  If needed a burglar can riddle(CC), stun, conjunction, off-tank in a pinch because of high dodge, and so much more.

So that’s my little ramble for this afternoon.  I’ll keep you all posted on what I decide to do.  I may continue to level both.

  • I play a champ first too and my burglar is becoming my main for the same reasons.

    The buglar is so much more fun.

    The only problem I have with my burglar is it doesn’t play to well in small groups that don’t have a tank type class. I frequently group with lore masters, hunters and minstreals, and it’s not ideal.

    I actually am enjoying my guardian in the tank role more then my champ too which is odd, I always needed to do the most dps, but not in lotro I’m finding.

    Good luck wichever way you go.

  • That’s a really interesting thing that I find myself looking at also. I usually really want to do the most DPS of any class or at least do big DPS. In LOTRO it feels different as though I don’t need to do big dps to be useful.

    It’s actually refreshing.