I hope some of these people stop liking LOTRO soon…

Never thought I would say this because I am usually a huge supporter for “large” player population server.  But honestly it’s beginning to get on my nerves when I try to go anywhere and I see players literally stacked on top of each other because there is not enough room to stand near a quest npc.  From reading around various boards I’m coming to the conclusion that there are so many people because the World Tour is still able to log in and play.  Crossing my fingers that the crowd thins out as some players lose interest.  I know it’s aweful to say but I hope some people get bored. 😛

Okay changing topics so this doesn’t turn into a rant!  Graev and I spent a couple hours playing today and almost hit level 20.  I blame the crowds for slowing us down with quest objectives*cough*.  Hopefully we will slowly inch our way past the majority of players over the next few days to avoid spending 2 hours on a 30 minute quest.

On the upside, these types of server populations will give LOTRO a very long and healthy life which is a fantastic thing.  Tomorrow we should have lots of screens up for you readers to see.  Until then!

  • I feel the same way you do. I’m on a new server now so they are not as bad as some of the original ones.

    The thing that gets me the most is when players get right on top of the NPC. So close you can’t even click onto the NPC without clicking onto the players name. People please give the NPC some air.

  • It’s nice in the “yay, it’s opening week!” kind of way, but that glimmer, as it did in WoW, will wear off and is already starting to. There’s fine line between excitement that it’s all finally begun, and frustration that there’s too many people on your server. The load on Silverlode is starting to bother me. I’m sure it’ll get better though as people pass me up… I’m slow.

  • Ya I’m noticing I don’t have the 15 hours a day I used to to play these games so people are definitely whirling past me. But in a way I guess that’s good because of how crowded it is!