Check out the latest LOTRO Vault Weekly Forum Digest

I’ve finished this week’s Forum Digest for the LOTRO Vault and it’s now available for viewing. This week people really had issues with the farming changes and the continued gripe fest over repair costs. While writing the digest I came across one post where this guy was so pissed off over his 250 silver repair costs. He explains he was adventuring on his level 15 Guardian in Angmar and died 5 times. Well bud sorry to say if you go to a zone 25 levels too soon that’s what you’re going to experience and you can’t blame anyone but yourself.

As for the farming changes and those who are struggling to cope with them… what did you expect guys? Seriously did you think to yourself that all was fine in the world when you were the only profession that could turn astronomical profit by vendoring everything? Farming will actually serve a purpose once it’s finalized and it will be just like the rest of the interdependent professions instead of being an ATM.

LOTRO Weekly Forum Digest 4/19/2007