Emerald Nightmare Progress

KGC (the Keen and Graev’ Community WoW guild on Fenris) entered Emerald Nightmare this weekend and was able to clear out 3 bosses in about 2 hours.

Nythendra was a fun fight. I actually enjoyed this first boss the most, despite its simplicity. The slime mechanic was pretty cool, and having the avoid bugs exploding was neat.

The next boss we fought was Elerethe Renferal, a boss that turns into a spider and a roc. The two different phases each have their own mechanic, and involve hopping a platform in the nightmare Mulgore area. Really cool scene, and a fun fight.

Emerald Nightmare Legion Raid

Supposedly we chose the hardest boss to go first in terms of mechanics. Elerethe Renferal was indeed more complicated mechanically, only in that there was a lot going on which made things feel hectic. It was still only a couple tries to clear.

The last boss we cleared during our run was Ursoc. Ursoc presented almost no challenge mechanically since you just have to overcome one simple mechanic of standing between him when he charges someone. What kept hurting us was having to make sure the tanks didn’t get obliterated. This one took the most attempts, but shouldn’t pose a problem in the future.

KGC on FenrisSo far I like Emerald Nightmare. The setting really isn’t my thing. I don’t love the red/grey/brown palette, but I do like the concept of the dungeon. Going to different zones that are all in this nightmare state is neat.

We would like to recruit 2-3 more DPS to join our ranks. If anyone wants to raid with us please let me know. We’re on Fenris (Alliance) and would love to have you.

Our goal for this next week is to clear the normal raid and then progress to Heroic.

How to Unlock Flying in Legion, Part One

How to unlock flying in legion

After several weeks of Legion, you’re probably long past wishing you could fly over those Highmountain peaks and level 110 mob filled zones. I know I am.

We don’t have a definitive list of everything that will be required to unlock flying, but we can be fairly confident that “Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One” will be required.

Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One

This umbrella achievement comprises a similar set of objective to those found in the Pathfinder from WoD.

Broken Isles Explorer

This one is pretty simple: Explore all of the zones. You can either look at the map and see which areas are still covered by the ‘fog of war’ or you can follow this pretty simple waypoint guide using TomTom.

Legion Waypoints

Navigating the zones can be difficult in that they are full of mobs your level (even at 110), and the terrain is often a pain. I recommend using Goblin Glider Kits from your WoD Garrison, which can be made quite simply at your Engineering hut. No engineering is required, and you can make these with a level 1 building.

Additional travel helpers: Rocfeather Skyhorn Kite (similar to Goblin Glider Kits but lasts 1min instead of 2), Flightmaster’s Whistle (obtained at 110 when unlocking WQ’s), and Emerald Winds.

Goblin Glider Kit in Legion

Loremaster of Legion

To unlock this achievement you need to complete all of the main story quests within each of the five Broken Isles zones.

  • Vrykul Story, Bro
  • Azsuna Matata
  • That’s Val’sharah Folks!
  • Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
  • Good Suramaritan

The achievement is account wide, but progress on the sub achievements is per character. This means you’ll have to complete an entire zone on one character to get credit.

The four leveling zones can be done on your journey to 110, but Good Suramaritan can only be completed at 110 — and will require a SIGNIFICANT time investment to complete. Components of the meta quests are gated behind Nightfallen rep and the last step is not yet even in the game.

I recommend doing EVERY Suramar World Quest that appears every day (including the Withered Army Training), and finishing all of the quest lines. I’ll have another writeup on those soon.

Good Suramaritan

Variety is the Spice of Life

Easiest of all achievements here is the one to complete 100 world quests. I recommend combining this with your Suramar rep grind. Honestly, this will just happen without you even realizing it. Your grind to revered with each rep will get you this when you’re not even halfway there.


I highly, highly recommend the plugin: World Quest List. You’ll be guided to all of the WQs you want to do most, and you can filter them to see the rewards, rep, and zones you want.

Broken Isles Diplomat

Getting all of your six major Legion reps up to Revered will get you the Broken Isles Diplomat achievement.

You’ll make great progress by completing all of the quests in each zone, but The Wardens and Nightfallen can only be done at 110 (and will require a significant grind gated behind quests with limited availability).

I recommend using your Kirin Tor Emissary rewards on one of these two reputations as they are much more difficult to obtain.

If you have the stamina (I don’t) you can do every WQ in every zone. Should take you just under 3 weeks from a fresh character to get all of those reps to revered. Totally not my thing. What I do is pick one, and make sure that ONE zone is done every day. That way, I do my Emissary and the one zone (and Suramar, ugh) and I’m done with WQ’s for the day.

A Glorious Campaign

Completing one class’ Campaign will grant you this achievement. Not all of the campaigns are created equal, both in terms of quality and length. Again, this is something to focus on while leveling but also a priority at 110. You will unlock your third relic slot (a huge iLvL boost to your weapon) when you do.

After you unlock WQ’s, this should be your first to-do when reaching 110.


Broken Isle Pathfinder, Part One is likely only the beginning of unlocking flight in Legion. A few steps of this achievement are not yet in the game, and for all we know flying is 6+ months away. But this gives you something to work toward each day. If you’re like me, you enjoy having goals. Goals keep me playing and invested.

A great tool to track your progress can be found at WoWhead’s Flying Tool.

Let’s hope flying comes sooner than later!

Legion Raiding and Mythic+ Begin Tomorrow! Want to Join Us?

Emerald Nightmare Legion Raid

Legion’s first raid (Emerald Nightmare) opens its doors tomorrow, along with Mythic+ dungeons!

The Keen and Graev Community guild (KGC) has been clearing Mythics in preparation for raids and Mythic+. Last night we did our first Arcway run (stupid Nightfallen rep took forever) and had no trouble clearing the place — actually surprisingly easy boss fights. We’re running through Court of Stars tonight.

We have plenty of space available for anyone wanting to join our raids. Hop on Discord and introduce yourself!

Our raid plans include clearing normal at first, then moving quickly into Heroic. We have plenty of space, and raids scale so we can bring 10, 11, 12, etc.

For dungeons, I’m fairly confident in our ability to climb the Mythic+ tiers. Here’s the gist of them from MMO-Champion:

  • Every dungeon has a fairly forgiving timer you must beat to keep your keystone active.
  • You still get loot if you don’t beat the timer, but your keystone becomes depleted.
  • As the keystone level increases, mobs in the dungeon do more damage and have more health.
  • The health and damage modifier is an almost linear increase, starting at 9% for Level 2 and increasing to 100% at Level 10.
  • Rewards come from a chest at the end of the run, ranging from item level 845 at Mythic 2 to 865 at Mythic 10.
  • This chest contains two pieces of loot for the group, which is a change from beta.
  • You also get a weekly chest with loot based on your best run for the week, scaling from item level 860 to item level 880 at Mythic 10.
  • Rewards have a chance to be Warforged or Titanforged, allowing them to potentially scale all the way up to item level 895.
  • The only lockout on Mythic is the availability of keystones, you can keep doing them as long as someone has an active keystone.

My own personal progress is coming along.

I’m iLvL 846, wearing 844 because my best stats are found on lower iLvL gear. I’m trying to get Revered with Court of Farondis because I want that Jewel Boon for my shoulders. Shoulder enchants in Legion give a chance for specific materials to drop in a gift bag of sorts. Pretty low drop rate, but handy.

My Jewelcrafting is around 730’ish. I’m pretty sure I have the gems to hit 750, but I want to maximize my income at this point while the expansion is still young — meaning if it makes more sense to sell raw mats I’ll do that over using them to craft.

Busy week ahead for content! I’ll do one last plug in this post for a few more people to join us and raid. We’re open to all classes, casual, and simply looking to get gear and experience the content. 🙂

My Hunter has been Bejeweled

I made a huge decision for my character yesterday… I dropped Engineering and went Jewelcrafting.

My dream of being a Gnome Engineer came to an end when I was convinced by many that Engineering has no practical application in Legion.

It’s true. I really can’t see much practical use for me as an engineer.

  • Engineering is expensive because it offers nothing to sell but eats up insane amounts of ore
  • Has almost no utility to a group or others
  • Provides no opportunity for monetary gain or economic involvement
  • Can be easily replaces by items from the Garrison (yep, the old engineering hut)

When I realized how easy it is to simply make Gnomish Hanglider kits in my old Garrison, I quickly realized it was a no-brainer to drop it.

I took up JC and boosted it up to 700 within a few minutes (WoD mats on AH).

Then I took 200 Leystone Ore, prospected it, and turned what would have sold for 5600 on the AH (raw ore value) into gems valued at over 15k. I sold a few on the AH and kept the rest for making things.

My history with JC goes back to WotLK. I was playing my Druid tank at the time and used JC to make a good deal of money. I remember hitting 50k, which back in Legion wasn’t bad for a regular player like myself. I did so simply from buying low cost gems on the AH, cutting them into stats, and reselling them. Simple as that. I hope to do the same in Legion.

My new dream is to become a Gnomish Gem Tinker of sorts. I guess that makes some sense? Gnomes and gems? It could work.

I know that JC was recently (as in days ago) nerfed quite a bit. Gems were giving bonuses at like 250 or something and are now down to 180? I might have those numbers wrong, but the gist of it is that it was a huge hit. Still, stats are stats and people buy them.

Worst case scenario: Blizzard suddenly makes Engineering amazing in a future patch and JC dwindles into economic obscurity.

Best case scenario: I’ll finally make some money in Legion so that I can afford the ridiculously inflated AH prices.

WoW Content, Loot, & Guild Progression

KGC on FenrisI’m progressing nicely into the Legion content with members of KGC (our “Keen and Graev Community” WoW guild). We’ve completed all regular, heroic, and almost all of the Mythic dungeons. We’re currently working on finishing up our Suramar reputation to unlock the last two.

Dungeons in Legion are pretty good. I definitely like them more than WoD, MoP, Cataclysm, and BC. WotLK is a good contender, and I feel like the dungeons are of the same calibre.

I like how most of them feel like an adventure with a goal tied to a story rather than just mindless trash or completing a boss for no reason. A big part of that adventure is due in no small part to most of those dungeons being tied to the zone quest chains.

We’re preparing to do Mythic+ dungeons in the coming weeks which should be pretty dang fun. They’re just like Diablo 3’s Greater Rifts.

Our Guild

Raids are also on our agenda. We want to recruit a few more people to fill in spots. If you’re wanting to raid with us, I’m pretty sure you can do so from any server. We’d love to have you on Fenris in the guild, though.

Our play times are usually evenings, from 6pm PST until most people just want to go to bed. We’re all older, and have no absolute set schedule (yet). Families/Jobs/Self/Individuals first as far as we’re concerned.

The Gearing Up Process

Getting loot in Legion is sooooo much better than it has ever been. Let me qualify that statement with a few reasons I gripe and a few reasons I celebrate the pinata that is Legion.

Loot is individual. This means that you’re not rolling on items or fighting over the same item. The dungeon assigns out the gear to those who participate.

Loot is random. Here’s where I find myself complaining sometimes. RNG (or RNGesus as we so fondly say) can be cruel. I went so long without getting any items at all while everyone else around me was scoring fat loot rolls. I have finally started getting some gear now, and it feels good.

Loot can ‘proc’ higher quality. The same item — let’s just say Sword +1 — can proc as a “Sword +2” or a +3, etc. There are like 3 or 4 degrees of quality. Again, I like this but if you haven’t prayed to RNGesus you might be stuck getting loot that isn’t an upgrade.

Loot can have a variety of stats. So not only is it random that you get loot, and random what quality it is… it’s also random (to a degree) what stats are on there. If you’re like me and want Mastery and Haste, but you get Versatility and Crit… yeah. Grumble.

The Artifact Power Grind

I like having my one weapon. I’m not sure yet how I feel about having to grind the resources to upgrade it continually. So far, so good. I have my weapon’s iLvL significantly higher than anything else I’m using. What I have to figure out is how many of these daily quests I should bother in order not to fall behind the iLvL curse.


I’m moving forward at a decent pace. The RNG of it all is a roller coaster, and RNG being woven into this odd daily grind has its ups and downs. Overall, tons of fun. KGC is looking for more people to make sure we have 10+ on every night to do some content. The goal is to always be available to do things. If interested, let me know!