In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun…

I’ve slacked hard on keeping the blog updated since WoW’s launch. The reason for that is what I want to write about today. Legion has created a rats nest of ‘stuff to do.’ Every time I log in, I’m overwhelmed with ‘stuff’ that needs to be maintained.

Holy smokes, something to do in a MMO? #FirstWorldProblems much, Keen?

Yes, and no.

I like having stuff to do. As I have already written, I dislike the idea of being compelled or forced to do certain things in order to ‘keep up’ with what’s new and fresh, but that’s not necessarily all that this sense of busyness entails.

There are quests for everything!

Engineering? Yep I had to do a pretty involved quest line for that.

Hunter Class Order Hall? Better believe there was a long chain for that one.

Mining? A couple of quests, but objectives based around mining.

Getting order hall resources? Yep, lots of quests/dailies.

Artifact power? Yep, quests/dailies.

Unlocking more Mythic dungeons? Oh yeah, definitely daily quests.

My play time is essentially inundated with questing and actively doing things. Am I complaining? Yeah… sorta?… kinda? More of a justification for not posting a lot, I guess.

Perhaps my only true BIGGEST complaint is that I can’t make alts. I really like being able to bounce back and forth between classes. Right now I really want to make a Druid and a Paladin, but if I stop playing my Hunter for even one day I will fall behind incredibly. It’s almost like I have a set of chores that must be completed on my Hunter before I can go out and do something else.

Yet even as chores, most of the activities are fun. So that’s two #FirstWorldProblems in one post. I think that’s a record.

World Quests: A better version of the same thing

WoW World Quests

I’m very pleased with most of what World Quests have brought to WoW. World Quests provide a new twist on the ‘daily quest’ model. In other words, they disguise the same system very well.

World Quests are daily quests. There are multiple layers to these daily quests, including the fact that they’re all available for a limited time even within the same day (roughly, some have longer timers).

I like how the reward system plays out with items being able to upgrade, and the loot chests from D3-style bounty system act as a great carrot for hoping a legendary pops out and surprises you.

What I really dislike is the reputation, resource, and artifact power grinds. World Quests aren’t necessarily to blame for this, but they are being used to disguise how ‘active’ and ‘managed’ this grind has become. We have to gather ridiculous amounts of everything, and grinding these world quests every day is cumbersome.

I simply can’t get through a dozen+ world quests every day, AND do dungeons, AND to my Suramar dailies, AND the regular quests I still have to do there, etc. It’s too much. Yep, I’m saying it: There’s too much to do right now, but in a bad way.

Why is it bad? Because we’re compelled to feel as though it’s a “must do” activity. You “must do” this to get the upgrade to your ONLY weapon on the expansion. You “must do” this to get access to the best dungeons. You “must do” this to get access to the later parts of the expansion content in Suramar.

Sure, some will come along and say, “I can just do it at my leisure and get there eventually.” True. But that doesn’t change how the game is compelling us to have to stay up with others around us. If I want to run mythic+ or participate in activities then I must reach a threshold. If participating in the contemporary activities — the current’ “hip” and/or most fun thing to do — then I need to keep up with doing my “dailies.”

So while I like this version of daily quests more, it’s still just a better version of the same thing. World Quests are still daily quests. World Quests still make me feel like I must do them or else I fall behind. It’s the “or else” part that I dislike. The act of doing them is mostly fun, which is at least a step up in the right direction.

WoW Legion Companion App

Remember when I said there should be an app to allow us to manage our Garrisons and described all the features? We never got that app, but thankfully Blizzard go the memo for Legion.

  • Manage order hall upgrades and research
  • Look through champions and manage their equipment
  • Train new troops
  • Manage (Start and complete) missions right from the app
  • Actively monitor world quests


This is 100% perfect for me.

I’m that guy who works 10 hours a day and keeps a schedule that’s really inconvenient for micromanaging my missions. In just the short week Legion’s been out, I’ve managed to fall several days behind in my missions because I can’t be at the computer every 8 hours like clockwork.

Now I can be at work and send my guys on missions, start that next research, and keep the flow of troops coming.

This is a huge quality of life improvement, and I’m excited to give it a go when it launches today.

Val’Sharah: Dreams and Nightmares

I just finished up Val’Sharah last night, and I have to say it was perhaps my favorite. If you’re wanting to avoid spoilers, do not read on.

Molded to reflect the Emerald Dream, Val’Sharah is home/refuge of the druids, and where Malfurion became the first Druid under the guidance of Cenarius. What I liked most about this zone is the story, and how so much of it hearkens back to the previous Warcraft games.

All is not well in Val’Sharah. Nightmare Lord Xavius is trying to bring the Emerald Nightmare into Azeroth through the corruption of the World Tree, Shala’drassil.

His corruption starts by taking hold of Cenarius.

Cenarius taken into the Emerald Nightmare

Is Cenarius dead or merely taken into the Emerald Nightmare? I don’t think we really know yet, but perhaps more will be known when we can do the raid.

In an effort to try and save Cenarius and/or stop Xavius and his Satyr/nightmare armies, Malfurion enlists our help. Together we gather up all of the druids (Claw, Lore, Talon) and summon forth Ysera!

Ysera in Val'sharah

Unfortunately, things have already escalated a bit far. Malfurion is pissed so he goes off to take things into his own hands, but that only gets him caught by Xavius. While trying to save Malfurion, Xavius corrupts Ysera.

Ysera being taken over by Xavius

Turning her into… well… this…

Nightmare Ysera

Now that Ysera is pretty much the coolest looking dragon ever (Shall we call her Nightmare Ysera?), she helps Xavius to pretty much do whatever he wants.

Xavius’ plan to spread the Emerald Nightmare is working. He has Ysera, he has Malfurion, and now his corruption is spreading across Val’sharah!

Together with Tyrande (Malfurion’s wife), I had to go around trying to find Malfurion. Xavius, being the typical villain, made us choose between saving Malfurion and saving the Temple of Elune. Dang you Xavius!

Obviously we chose the temple, which was about to be destroyed by none other than Nightmare Ysera.

I was really hoping that when Ysera was corrupted that we would be able to cure her, but ultimately I ended up having to kill her. 🙁

Ysera dies

This part was actually pretty sad.

Ysera was my favorite Dragon Aspect. Her story and the Emerald Dream lore are really cool.

I have no idea how any of this plays into the Emerald Nightmare. I can only hope her spirit has gone into the Emerald Dream.

So overall, Val’Sharah is full of awesome story, cinematics, and segues into bigger parts of the expansion. Very well-done zone.

What I wasn’t a fan of is the weird area of Bradenbrook and Black Rook Hold. Why the human settlement in Val’Sharah? And Black Rook Hold sorta came out of nowhere in this zone. It’s a huge part of the Legion story with Illidan, but feels weird when contrasted with the Emerald Dreaminess.

Overall, great zone.

Stormheim: Home of the Asgards

Stormheim Vault

Although Stormheim gives off a huge SG-1 Asgard vibe, the gods are unfortunately not little aliens protecting Azeroth as part of the Protected Planets Treaty. They’re still cool, though.

Stormheim is where the Vyrkul of Northrend settled. It houses The Halls of Valor and Helheim, which are basically heaven and hell for the Vyrkul. It’s also where you’ll need to get one of the pillars.

In Stormheim you have to basically prove your worthiness to enter the halls and obtain the Aegis (Pillar). There is, of course, the Vyrkul who sold out to the Legion lead by this nasty guy:

Stormheim God-King

I really liked the feel of Stormheim, and the questing flowed much nicer here than it did in Azsuna.

One of the hallmark features of Stormheim is the grappling hook that allows you to hookshot your way around the cliffy edges, Vykul settlements, and ruins. Blizzard used the grapple launcher as part of jumping puzzles with treasures at the end, too.

Sylvanas in Stormheim

While the viking guys are cool, I think my favorite part was definitely Sylvanas and Greymane. This story was a little under-explained. We see Sylvanas in Helheim making a deal with Helya (God of the underworld I guess). Turns out she was getting some Lantern thing that she uses to bind Eyir in an attempt to ascend and gain power or something. I think she wants it to have Valkyr replace her in Helheim, and by sending a stream of them there she can continue to be “immortal.” That’s what I can piece together, and I read around forums and it seems like people also took it this way.

Other quest lines in the zone include helping an ancient dragon group, but overall pretty forgettable. Stormheim wasn’t a bad questing experience, but definitely pales in comparison to Highmountain.