My Adventures in the Broken Isles Thus Far

I just realized I haven’t posted anything yet about Legion! I’ve been completely absorbed in the fun.

My opinion so far: Great leveling experience, with a pretty good story.

I want to come right out and say, “Best expansion since WotLK,” (which I feel right now) but I want to give this more than two days. I want to see if the initial “wow factor” wears off and leaves any sort of aftertaste.

I’ve only experienced a couple of dungeons (they were amazing) and two of the major new zones, so my experience is limited.

This post will act as a catch-up post to where I’m at. From there, I want to chronicle more of the experiences I’m having on a zone-by-zone or dungeon-by-dungeon basis.

Let’s begin with the class quest!

As you hopefully know by know, I flip flopped up until the very last minute on my class spec. I went BM Hunter because I simply had more fun playing this spec than Survival.

That means my artifact weapon is….

WoW BM Hunter Titanstrike Artifact Weapon

I wield the power of Titanstrike!

I was disappointed by how it looks. Sorta bland. A gun. yay…

And I was a little underwhelmed by the quest to obtain it. I felt like it was a little too contrived. Maybe I don’t know the lore well enough or something. The quest was like, “There’s a gun, it’s cool, and it’s in a tomb. Go get it!”

I was a little surprised to see that Mimiron was involved, and Blizzard tried to weave in WotLK’s Ulduar into the story and the lightning god guy stuff… yeah it was contrived. But that’s fine, I got a second pet out of it! Hati is awesome. He absorbed the power of Titanstrike, and in the process had his soul bound to mine. So now whenever i use the weapon I have a second pet.

Hunter Class Order Hall

Hunter Class Order HallMy class order hall, or the Hunter Lodge, is pretty nice. It has a very… lodgey feel to it. This is essentially where I upgrade my artifact weapon, send my followers on missions, and obtain a lot of my “connection to the world” experience.

It’s pretty good, don’t get me wrong, but I haven’t really seen why this is any better than garrisons.

As a hunter, I do get all of the flight paths on the map unlocked. That was a really neat bonus!

Leveling in The Broken Isles (so far)

The world scales to your level now, so whatever zones you choose (in any order) will adapt to your character. I decided to go with Highmountain first because it has the mining quests, then I went with Azsuna for the Engineering.

Leveling in general is fairly painless. I’m finding that levels come without me having to even focus on getting experience. That could be from the distraction of everything being new, or it could really be from feeling immersed in the questing experience.

Questing in general sucks. I don’t like questing — never have, probably never will. I do like stories, though, and the zones are doing a nice job of having that story narrative flow from beginning to end.

Each zone seems to culminate in a dungeon adventure that ties in well with the story of that zone.

Thunder Totem


Home to the descendants of Huln Highmountain, this zone is home to the Tauren of the Broken Isles. The Highmountain Tauren tribes must be united to fight against the forces invading their lands. The Drogbar, under the rule of Dargrul the Underking, have stolen a sacred relic of the Tauren and they need to get it back and stop the Drogbar from destroying their lands.

The zone is very pretty, and the music is excellent. I really like the story here, and had a “WOAH COOL!” moment when the story took a couple of twists.

The Tauren here are WAY cooler than those in Kalimdor.

The Drogbar are my new favorite mobs, too. I really like how they look, and their story is fun.



Azsuna is home to many different groups. There’s the Blue Dragonflight hanging out here, the ghosts of some ancient Night Elves, the mana crackheads Nightfallen, and the Naga.

I really enjoyed the Nightfallen and Blue Dragons, but was bored by most of the Night Elf ghosts and some of the Naga stuff. My eyes sorta glazed over as I ran the ghost quests. Navigating ruins, clicking on things, bleh.

Runas, the mana crackhead Nightfallen, was a definite highlight. I really enjoyed his narrative.

Azshara, queen of Kalimdor, ruler of the Naga, and a dozen other titles, is after one of the Pillars of Creation. It all makes for a pretty decent story, but the land carries with it a very cursed and truncated feel. I think that’s the purpose, though, given the fact that… it IS cursed and truncated with different factions.


I’m very pleased with Legion up to this point. I feel like the zones are a much better questing experience than the previous three expansions. I’ll do individual separate writeups for each of the dungeons as well as the remaining 3 or so zones.

If you’re looking for a guild, ours on Fenris is growing nicely! Most of our team transferred over from Emerald Dream due to PvP being obnoxious. We’d love to have you.

On the Eve of Legion

Legion launches tomorrow!

I find myself scurrying about finishing up the last minute to-dos I delayed for way too long.

Collecting New / Rare / Cool Pets

Thok Hunter Pet


A big item on my list is taming pets. I’ve tamed:

  • Thok (boss in Siege of Orgrimmar)
  • Chimaeron (boss in BWD)
  • Chromaggus (boss in BWL)
  • All kings of dinosaurs (Isle of Thunder/Giants in Pandaria)
  • The 4 Stone Guards (boss in Mogu’shan Vaults)

Those are just a few.

What I like about the different mounts are their abilities. For example, the Stone Guardians get a combat rez. Pets that are of the Core Hound variety have the equivalent of Blood Lust.

Clearing Old Raids

I’m also going through raids to get some achievements and mounts.

Lich King ICC 25 Man Heroic Achievement

I did ICC 25 man Heroic to get the mount and did all of the challenges in order to get the hard mode achievements. That was pretty tough, and actually fun. I had to use my pet to distract the Lich King while stacking zombies in order to spread plague. Way more fun than actually fighting him back in 2009.

That’s about it. The past week has been pretty much the calm before the storm. What are your plans for launch? I think I’ll hit my class order hall and do my quests there, then head to Highmountain for the mining quests.

If you’re looking for a guild/group/friends in Legion, we’re always welcoming friendly faces to join our gaming community. Come say hey on Discord.

Legion Launches in 53 Hours

Sorry for the hibernation here for the past few days. I was a week behind finishing the last little touches on my entrepreneurial venture. I started working on this side project in May and just finished today. What a huge weight that is off my chest. I was putting 4-8 hours a day into that project on top of my usual 8 hours at work. Legion’s impending launch and running a week behind schedule meant I had to shut the door and ignore the world.

But I’m back! And it’s time to play some Legion! …. in 53’ish hours.

Now the real debate… do I take off work on Tuesday? Legion launches at midnight, but I haven’t been able to stay up that late in years. So that means the earliest I would play is Tuesday morning.

Worst case scenario, I’m playing Tuesday evening. Ugh. Real life.

A few housekeeping items that I want to go through for you guys:

What class is Keen playing in Legion?
My main character will be a Beastmaster Hunter. Yep, I decided to forgo my entire plan that I’ve had for this past year. I was all about the melee hunter, then I tried BM and fell in love. I can’t go against my inner-fun-meter.

Will Keen have an alt in Legion?
Yes, but not for a while. The way artifact power works makes playing anything but your main character a a little self-defeating. I’m going to wait until I reach more of a wall with AP before working on an alt. When I do, it will be a Druid.

What server?
Fenris! No PvP, pretty low pop (yet feels packed).

What guild?
KGC on Fenris, for those who want to join. If you’re on another server, you can join our Discord ( where we use voice chat and use the text channels for guild chat.

If you’re looking to join in on the fun, we’re open to all. 🙂

Survival vs. Beastmaster Hunter in Legion

Survival Vs. Beastmaster in Legion

I was dead-set on Survival going into Legion. I had my mind all made up that I would be a gnome melee hunter. Then… I had some time to kill during this pre-launch invasion hype. I finished all my quests, got all of my invasion drops, raised my trade skills, and I thought, “I’ll try out BeastMaster just for the heck of it.” After trying out BM, I’m seriously torn.

Survival vs. Beastmaster DPS

Beastmaster is out-dpsing my survival spec by about 20% right now. BM is also ranged vs melee, which to me makes it waaaay easier to play. I can spend more time consistently shooting the target while mobile (to avoid bad stuff) rather than being so close to something.

The pet skills for BM are also really neat. Stomp does incredible damage. I think I’m seeing 40k+ crits that are AoE, and that’s incredibly powerful for something that’s a passive on my pet when it “charges in” — which seems to happen way more often than the description implies.

My biggest struggle with Survival seems to be RNG + sustainability. Messing up that rotation even a little bit drops my DPS by 30% whereas I seem to be able to sustain DPS on the BM spec even after the initial burst.

BM burst is indeed powerful. Popping Stampede, Burst of Crows, Bestial Wrath, AND Aspect of the Wild is disgusting.

Follow up that initial cooldown dump with Kill Command on cooldown, Dire Beast on Cooldown, and cobra shots to dump Focus… it’s super easy AND really great DPS.

Survival vs. BM in PvP

I wasn’t enjoying Survival in PvP. Having to be in Melee means being soft to hits and getting focused pretty easy — or even burned by passive AoE damage. Sending in the pet to stomp and then using multishot (which procs more pet aoe) means tons of damage. I was keeping people off flags in AB all by myself AND killing them by blowing cooldowns. I couldn’t do that as Survival.

Thok Hunter PetBeastmaster vs. Survival Pets

I could never go Marksman because of the no pet thing. For the same reason, I feel like BM is really fun because it gets even cooler pets. Being able to tame Thok (from Siege of Orgrimmar) and other neat exotic pets pushes the needle toward BM.

Melee vs Ranged DPS for Hunters

Here’s where things get sticky. I’m hearing that Survival (melee) out DPS’s BM (Ranged) end-game in the parses. There’s also this idea that melee might be better DPS due to fight mechanics in 5-man mythics. I haven’t done enough research, but this is what I’m hearing.


From the sound of things, if you think I’m leaning BM then you are correct. I think it’s more fun right now. The rotation is easier. The ‘flavor’ is more hunter. But that doesn’t mean Survival isn’t fun, and it certainly doesn’t mean it’s any less powerful. I’m torn, and will likely need my friends to weigh in and push me one way or another. For now, I’ve flip flopped to BM.

I Finally Killed Illidan and Saved the World Tree

What do you do when you the next WoW expansion comes out in 15 days?

I’ve purposely avoided playing too much WoW this past week. I don’t see a reason to play right before the expansion releases for a few reasons.

(1) My gear will be replaced within minutes so anything new/better that I get is pointless

(2) I’m not going to get any richer because I’m terribad at making money in the WoW economy

(3) Why burnout BEFORE the expansion?

I decided that I would toss an hour here and there to old raids. I can get transmogs, and I can see parts of the game where I’ve never been. I also want to get lots of pets and mounts (if possible).

First, I hit up Zul’aman and completed the Amani Battle Bear achievement. I tried really hard back in Cataclysm to get this bear, but our groups were never quite able to beat the timer.

Then I hit up Molten Core simply because I wanted to see it again. Nostalgia? For a place I spent hundreds of hours? A little. I obtained three pets: Ashstone Core, Harbinger of Flame, and Stinker (because I completed the achievement).  Not bad for an unexpected reward.

My next stop for the evening was Black Temple. Can you believe I’ve never even stepped foot in Black Temple? In fact, until tonight I’m pretty sure I hadn’t run a single BC raid. I made my way through this tediously long raid and finally stood toe to toe with Demon Hunter himself. He definitely would have been cool to fight back in the day.

Last stop for the night was The Battle for Mount Hyjal. Yep, never went here either unless you count Warcraft 3. This raid was so ridiculously boring and tedious because I had to wait for the waves of mobs and chase down gargoyles. The nostalgia was pretty cool, though. Watching Archimonde be smacked around my whisps was a blast from the past.

I walked away from the night with 3 pets and a dozen or so transmogs. Nothing I’ll wear, but fun to add into my collection.