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No Man’s Sky Tonight: Economy & Hyperdrive

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Our adventure into No Man's Sky continued tonight. Our first excursion tonight took us to a new planet where we found full of toxic gas and unhospital atmosphere. We came here in search of answers to various distress beacons. I'm not sure if I mentioned this in our last log, but the game has a loose story you follow.


Toxic planet rich in gold-like plants

On this toxic planet we explored, we found some recipes needed for crafting our hyperdrives along with some very nice rare metals. As we exited an abandoned research facility we found, all of a sudden zerglings started popping up out of the ground and attacked us. We quickly jet packed to the roof, zapped a few, then booked it on our ships.

Zerglings trapping us on the roof

We eventually found ourselves back on the space station in search of microprocessors we needed to build our hyperdrives. These processors cost a significant amount for us at this point, so we started reviewing our options.

To make money in NMS you can find precious metals to sell, bulk sell resources, run missions, and even create yourself a supply line to buy low in one system and sell high in another.

Lucky for us, we like to explore a bit and we were able to sell these pearls we found in a cave, along with a hefty chunk of gold, on the galactic trade network. This funded our microprocessor purchase nicely.

Refining our copper into chromatic metal in our base's refinery

After returning to base our we built on our last adventure, we refined our copper into chromatic metal, which was quite a hefty sum of copper and time. 

Tonight's adventure ended as we installed our hyperdrives and charted where we'd fly tomorrow on our next adventure into No Man's Sky.

  • Does it feel interesting or more just grindy, slowly working your way to the final destination?

  • I’ve been playing and enjoying this on PS4 also. Maybe we can game it up again some time.