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Put Little Dragon’s Cafe on Your Radar

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I've always had this fantasy dream of running my own medieval tavern/restaurant. I've also had a love of farming and petsim games. Put the two together, made by the original Harvest Moon dev, and you have a game like Little Dragon's Cafe.


One side of the game is running a restaurant where you have to obtain new recipes and keep the kitchen churning out delicious goodies. To do this you'll need to find ingredients throughout the world.

The other side is raising a dragon who can grow in size and abilities. Eventually your little guy becomes a bigger dragon who can clear through the island and help you achieve even more feats. 

Everything I've seen makes it look like Harvest Moon with a restaurant to maintain and a dragon to raise. That's a recipe for success, no pun intended.

  • That art style looks great in that screenshot. The game play trailer gives me flashbacks to Yonder. I’m interested to see what the game-play would be. This week since I’m going to have to be on a WoW hiatus, I think I’ll try Pillars of Eternity again, I’m not as into it as Tyranny. I’ve also been watching Rim World, which looks very good.

  • I hope it will come to Steam! :O Super cute and I know my kids will want to play it too! 🙂