Diablo 3 Season 14 While I Wait for BFA

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This weekend — maybe the last week — has been really, really hard to get any time in to game. Diablo 3’s Season 14 launched on Friday at 5pm, and I was all set to get in there any level up my Barbarian. Between family stuff that came up and work, I had wasn’t able to play until this afternoon. Things didn’t quite go according to plan, but despite that I was able to hit level 70 and actually get many of the items I need to start my build.

I’m playing a Raekor Furious Charge / Hammer of the Ancients build. Raekors is the season set you get when you finish up your season journey quests. I was able to hit 70 so quickly because a Twitch streamer was offering power leveling to people in his chat, and I ended up being powerleveled by someone else in his chat who offered me a spot. That meant in less than an hour I was level 70.

I was then able to grab a few items that made my pre-6pc Raekor build super powerful, and was able to blow through a solo 20 Greater Rift in less than a few minutes. I was set well enough actually that I was able to power-level my friend to 70 while I finished my quests.

Now I’m pretty much all set to go out and proceed to farming my weapons. This should be a great distraction until BFA’s pre-patch which I anticipate is coming in 2-3 weeks tops.