Cover Your A$$ets

Cover Your A$$ets

I received a really cool card game for Christmas called "Cover Your A$$ets". My Mom got it for me after her sister's family recommended it hands down their favorite game to play as a family.

The gist of the game is pretty simple. You need to accrue $1,000,000 is assets (or as much as possible before the game ends) in order to win. You accrue assets by matching 2 of the same asset together and playing them in front of you.


As turns progress, each player can match an asset from their hand with your assets, an asset from the top of the discord pile, or an asset in their hand. 

If they try to steal your assets, you have to have another one of those assets in your hand (or a wild, which can also be used to pair) in order to counter them. If they have yet another copy of that asset, they can try to counter your counter. 

Eventually someone wins and gets to keep all of the assets used in that attempt to steal/protect. Those assets are then placed in front of them, and play continues with the next person.

Cover Your A$$ets cards

What makes the game super fun is trying to steal and protect the big stacks of asset clusters in front of you. You might place a pair of set of $5,000 piggy banks on top of a fat stack of $300,000 Jewels that has accumulated over a few rounds of theft.

Just as you think you've stolen someone's assets, the next person will try to steal it from you. The goal really is to 'cover your assets'. 

Play is best for 4-6 players, but we had an absolute blast playing with just 3. The game with 3 of us took only about 20 minutes.

You can definitely play with only 2 players as well, but the game becomes less about relentless stealing of assets and more about making pairs of assets -- with the occasional back and forth.

As the instruction books say, they highly recommend smarmy grins and jabs at each other while you play, which makes the experience all the more fun.

I'll join in with my aunt's family by saying Cover Your A$$ets is an awesome game, and if you're looking for a fast, really easy, yet exhilarating game, you should try it yourself. It's $12.99 on Amazon.