Paradox is Turning Video Games into Board Games

I saw this and thought I'd share beacuse I think it's super cool. Paradox Interactive is turning some of their video game IPs into board games!"It just got to the…

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Pirate’s Cove Board Game

Arrrrr! I have another board game review/overview/recommendation for ye mates!

My family had a really fun time playing Pirate’s Cove over the holidays. My wife, knowing I love pirates so much (which is why she also got me an Assassin’s Creed Kenway cutlass replica) got me this great board game all about sailing amassing pirate fame, collecting booty, and plundering enemy vessels.

In Pirate’s Cove you’re the captain of your very own ship! There are twelve rounds of play and during each round the players individually decide which island they want to sail to. The key about traveling to islands is that each round the rewards are different, and you can only upgrade certain ship components on specific islands.

If you’re the only pirate to choose an island, fantastic! The booty is yours. If another player chooses the same island, or one of the infamous legendary pirate NPCs is headed there that round, then it’s time for a battle!


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Cover Your A$$ets

I received a really cool card game for Christmas called "Cover Your A$$ets". My Mom got it for me after her sister's family recommended it hands down their favorite game…

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