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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

I was traveling and super busy this past week when Animal Crossing Pocket Camp had its proper announcement during the Nintendo Mobile presentation.

I like Animal Crossing games. I'm a sucker for their cute, sim-like, decoratingness. I've played them on handheld systems in the past, and always seem to find a certain relaxing pleasure to the series.

I've been a fan of the idea of bringing games like this to smartphones for years. I think it's long overdue for Animal Crossing to get a proper insallment, and I think we're way past due for a real Harvest Moon game too.

Anyway, let's check out Animal Crossing Pocket Edition.

"Some amenities shown require giving up your entire life extensive game play"

I found the disclaimer on the second video rather humorous. You know when there's a disclaimer like that on a video it means "good luck."​

The gist of the game:

  • You're the new camp manager responsible for making the place thrive by decorating and attracting friends to visit
  • You can do all the familiar animal crossing things like harvest fruit, fish, decorate, buy, interact with villagers, etc
  • Looks like multiplayer is a thing with people visiting
  • In-app purchases will obviously net you rare items

I have high hopes that this means we might see Animal Crossing come to Switch, but AC has definitely found a home on mobile devices.