Overwatch’s Halloween Terror

Overwatch’s Halloween Terror

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So I'm still on my Overwatch binge, and I had to share how much I really enjoy their Halloween event.

I didn't experience the Halloween even of 2016, but I understand that maybe the endless mode is new in 2017? Anyway, it's really fun. There's a mode where you survive and protect a door from on-coming robotic creations that Junkenstein is sending your way.

I did two modes which I think were Junkenstein's Revenge and Endless Night. Both fun. Endless Night gets way out of control as so many bad guys and bosses come streaming toward you.

Definitely fun for anyone who enjoys horde mode type modes.

Is there an endless PvE mode available for non-Halloween events? That'd be cool to play.

Anyway, I know I've been touting Overwatch lately. Just an out-of-nowhere urge to play that paid off for me.