Overwatch has one really nice thing going for it…

Overwatch has one really nice thing going for it…

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Another quick post tonight, guys. I might fill you in on some of the details in the future. Suffice it to say, I’m /LFG!

I had the itch to play Overwatch again. What I like about Overwatch is that there’s no progression mechanics. I’m not missing anything by not having played for so long.

Loot boxes (oh the drama!) are only cosmetic.

Levels get you loot boxes (so who cares anyway?)

Higher Competitive ranking gives you bragging rights and gets you away from noobies (like me!).

Competitive points get you golden guns… so a cosmetic item.

That sounds like a great system to me. I can jump in and play tomorrow, and I won’t have to worry about the guy shooting at me having played for 1,000 hours and destroying me because he unlocked better guns down some talent tree.

P.S. I’m Hanzo main.