Looking for PC/Console/TV Configuration Inspiration

I have a pretty janky setup right now for my computer, console, and TV. Where we live is temporary, and based on the layout of where we’re at the computer desk is across the room from the consoles/TV. So I just have to live with the fact that things are inconvenient.

That said, I still have aspirations for how I want to setup my consoles and computer so that I can stream them at my desk. For example, there are three Switch games that I want to make videos and stream for you guys. But in order to really make that work I have to run cables across the room. This evening I spent over an hour trying to make some Frankenstein’s monster looking array of cables and doohickeys. It’s just not practical.

So right now my situation is that I can make videos and even stream consoles, but I won’t be able to get audio commentary in there. Not ideal. So if I want to get the audio commentary, I have to bring the Switch (or any console) closer to my desk/computer.

Unfortunate reality part 2 is that I don’t have a TV/extra monitor on my desk (nor would one fit) so to use the console and record over here, I would have to give up my main monitor. Personally, I don’t love the idea of swapping cables and unplugging things back and forth, so I’m looking at getting an HDMI switch (not a Nintendo Switch, but an HDMI switch where I can have multiple HDMI cables into one thing and just push a button so that I can have different things appear on my monitor. Basically I need 2 ins and 1 out. Do those even exist?

Why am I telling you all this? Because I’d love to see what your setups look like. Do you have a setup where you can use multiple monitors for your PC AND play consoles on those monitors? How do you make that work? HDMI switch? Unplug your HDMI cables and swap them to the console when you want to play? Do you stream/record video of those consoles?

Please share photos or explanations of your setups. I need the inspiration!

  • Ben says:

    Monitors should have multiple inputs (more expensive = more inputs) which you can just switch between when you want to use console or PC like you would with a TV, this is what I do.

    Re: extra monitor. Getting a multi-monitor mount significantly reduces the desk space required, would highly recommend. Makes my 24″-27″-24″ setup much more feasible!

    • Keen says:

      I’ll have to check my monitor. Thought hadn’t crossed my mind that I could plug 2 HDMI into one monitor. Duh, though, right? It’s like a TV.

      I know for certain one of my monitors doesn’t have multiple inputs (it’s older) but I Think my other one has at least 1 HDMI and 1 DVI.

      If not, do you think an HDMI switch would work?

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