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Monster Hunter-3 Ultimate Wii U Box artI’m by no means an expert Monster Hunter player but I do like to dabble in the series and find them to often be very enjoyable. Just recently Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate came out for the Wii U (and 3DS), and I’ve been investing most of my spare time into it. The game’s release is a much welcomed sight when you look at the Wii U game drought that trails all the way back to the launch of the system. Up until now the only real use my Wii U has received is for browsing the internet, especially when my computer was borked for a while. Thankfully I now have more reasons to enjoy my Wii U with the addition of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Lego City Undercover, and Zen Pinball 2. Hopefully we start getting a steadier release of games for the system real soon, but back on track…

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is an updated version of Monster Hunter Tri, with several new types of monsters, weapons, and content in general.  You essentially fight giant monsters, either alone or with friends, and carve up their body parts to make awesome weapons and armor. That’s the gist of the franchise, in case you weren’t aware. There is also a lot of crafting and preparation required for your hunts.  You want to make sure you have potions so you need to gather herbs and reagents.  You also need food to keep your stamina up, and depending on what weapon type you use you need to make sure you have ammo.  You can also stock up on useful tools like traps to help you take out monsters.  Upgrading gear in general is also required in order to take out harder monsters.  You have to mine different materials, harvest smaller parts from smaller monsters, and overall prepare yourself to be a better hunter.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
Craft big weapons, fight big monsters, and work to become the ultimate hunter!

It can be hard to describe the experience of the game and you really need to try it for yourself. Unfortunately the demo seems to be doing a poor job of portraying the actual game experience, at least according to many fans of the series. My first experience with the series was with the first entry on the PSP. The controls were awful, it was incredibly difficult, and I hated it. I’m actually kind of surprised by the amount of games I initially hate that then go on to be among my favorite games. But yeah, it was rough for me in the beginning and it seems to be that way for a lot of first time players. You just really need to stick with it, though, because it becomes so rewarding when you start engaging some of these awesome creatures and managed to defeat them and craft some gnarly gear.

I haven’t delved into the online experience yet, opting instead to play some single player and get some decent gear. The online component seems like it will be a lot better than the Wii version. I’m not 100% sure, but I think there is voice chat and text chat via the Wii U gamepad.  One neat feature is that you can play locally with 3DS players, but I don’t believe you can go online together.  If anybody is interested in playing some time my Nintendo Network ID is Graevyard, at least I think it is. Don’t expect a whole lot but I’m always up for a good hunt.

If you like action games with lots of big weapons, huge monsters to kill, and some great character progression then check out Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.  Once I’m much further into the game I’ll fill you all in with my impressions of the content.

  • I really wish they’d released this on the Wii. I enjoyed Monster Hunter Tri, but not enough to basically buy it again along with a new system. The way I see it, this is basically “DLC” in the form of a new game. Weapons, monsters, and environments that are usually associated with Monster Hunter were taken -out- of the Wii version because they weren’t sure that the Monster Hunter franchise would do well in America. The people that bought Monster Hunter Tri originally thought they would offer the additional weapons, environments, and monsters through the online service that they also provide “limited edition” quests that could give you rare weapons. They never did, unfortunately.

    So instead, the people who bought Tri hoping to prove that there -was- a Monster Hunter fanbase in America are told to buy a new game on a new console. I (and many others) feel kind of betrayed. I mean, I’m glad it’s out, and I’m glad it’s fun but I really don’t want to go out and get a new system for this game, despite how much I enjoy Monster Hunter.

  • I’d think anyone who goes out to buy a new system for one game is a bit crazy. The Wii U is a great console and there are a handful of really fun games. Once you beat those games though there’s a bit of a drought.

  • I got it for the 3DS, and I believe the only difference is that there is no online play for that one. I also played tri and love it, and while the first part of the game is essentially MH3 (with some new weapons) you eventually do branch off and get to the new monsters and such. It’s really fun though it can be quite grindy at time. I love that they added in all the weapons from the rest of the series, the sheer variety of weapon and that they tried to actually balance them so all of them are now viable solo weapons (important especially for the 3DS version that has no online play) it makes an excellent game.

  • Sorry, I’m just frustrated that they didn’t have this content in the Wii version. A lot of those weapons and monsters have been in past versions in Japan, so why would you -remove- content and release it in a new region? I would have -loved- to be able to use that Battle Horn or the Bow in Tri!

    I do have a 3DS, and so far I’m enjoying it. I mostly got it for the upcoming Pokemon game, but for now I just have Fire Emblem: Awakening. I plan on getting a few more games in the future, but Monster Hunter isn’t one of them. I tried the demo, and I can’t say I enjoyed the controls. If it doesn’t have online play either, that cinches it for me. I really enjoy the “teaming up” aspect of Monster Hunter, and get a little too stressed out when I’m playing solo.

    …What? Those monsters are detailed! <.<;

  • Well. I’m glad you don’t like it because its for a new system. Actualky. The sheer volume of stuff included in this game wouldve crippled the Wii. Feel betrayed all you want. I enjoyed tri because it wasn’t a broken down mass due to jamming too much into an incapable system. You can “team up” on the 3ds. You just need a friend with ultimate on the Wii U and three others with the 3ds version. Since all of your friends seem to be whining about it being for a new system I doubt they have it. Find people in your area interested in local coop. I’m sure the person you find with the Wii U version will probably be enjoying it online via the internet due to the sheer volume of dlc they plan to steadily add to the Wii U version. Trade in your Wii to break some of the cost for a used 8gb. Its not that costly. If you’re worried about storage get a pendrive or some sd cards