Giving EQ2 another go

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Everquest II had a major update today adding the Neriak area and a new “evil Fae” race.  “Emofae’s”, as Cuppycake calls them, and the new area are really tempting me to resubscribe.  Recently with LOTRO I have been feeling the drain of having no one to play with.  I’ve been playing LOTRO for five months now and while I am still having fun I think I need to take a little break and step away from the game for a bit.  I am by no means quitting the game and I do fully intend to continue my subscription and continue playing – but a short break must come first.

On top of this large content update to EQ2 there is also the expansion packs, adventure packs, and other various updates I have not been able to explore and have fun with.  I am really interested in seeing what SOE has done with the game and how it has changed, from what I’ve heard, for the better.  The game was extremely group based back when I played and that’s just not my cup of tea anymore.  I need an experience where I can log in and play for an hour or two and not feel completely unsatisfied.

So to be 100% certain that I want to resub I’m downloading the “Play the Fae Trial” and if everything works EQ2 will get another go.